5am to Beat this Heat


This picture has absolutely nothing to do with today’s run, other than the fact that it’s who I thought of the entire time I was out there:)

Today’s run was nothing too exciting- a 4 mile recovery run (9:08 average pace).  I went out at 5am.  5. a. m.  I have a few reasons for this:

-It beats the heat (I do NOT like to run in 90 degrees).

-It gets it overwith in the morning, and starts my day healthy.  I keep the healthy going all day.

-It acts as my cup of coffee now…I actually crash if I don’t wake up and run!

-It is so peaceful and quiet at this hour

-I can spend the evening completely focused on my family, and not worrying when I am going to fit the run in.

When the alarm goes off at 4:50am, I can’t believe I’d even consider getting up (tell my college self I’d be voluntarily up at 5am, after going to bed at GASP 9:30pm!).  But I know I have to or I’ll agonize all day over it, and quality time with the family will be lost in my craziness.  So, I get up, and I go.

And I’m really, really quiet- because that kid has a radar on me and if I make one PEEP, he will awake immediately and cry for my whereabouts.  This doesn’t make Daddy happy.  He doesn’t like 5am as much as we do:)


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