I can’t be mad because we needed the rain!


I’ll start my training documentation with yesterday’s run- an 11 miler.  That is, a 5 miler, followed by a 6 miler later.  I took b. to my Mom’s (my husband was having his made-up real fishing tournament with his friends) so I could go out for my long Sunday run.  Clifton hills are not QUITE as difficult as Mendon, but I’ll take it.  According to weathermen a,b,and c, the rain would hold off until afternoon!  Perfect!!  Not so much!  It poured.  The entire time.  When I saw the lightening, I said “Thanks, God.” and called my sister to promptly come get her drowned rat, pissed off sister.

I was super discouraged. I thought, “I barely have time to run and when I do, this happens.  I will never ever make it…”  Bla bla bla.  I’m a whiner and my family got to hear me at my best.  So, I showered and went to church w the fam.  And then in true fashion, it cleared up in the afternoon.  I sent Aunt Niki to nap w b. while I went out for 6 more.  I kept an average pace of 8:32 (thanks, Garmin!)

I can’t complain, because in that impromptu break, I got to make it to church w my mom.  That made her happy.  So, thank You, God- for putting things back into perspective.  Oh, and for my family.  Nothing I do would be possible without them.


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