Meat- mehh


I am a vegetarian.  This happened 2 years ago- I read the book “Born to Run,” and I decided I would become a vegan.  EASY!  Actually, I bought heaps of Chia Seeds and hoped to wake up every morning as one of the Tarahumara people.

It didn’t work- and neither did being a vegan.  I got pregnant, and the cravings for REAL ice cream trumped the don’t eat animals stuff.  I honestly could only dream to have that willpower.

Meat, however, wasn’t hard.  I only ever ate chicken, and I found tempeh and tofu and said Adios to the chicks.  All of my actual meals are typically of vegan variety. I drink only coconut milk and eat only soy yogurt.   It’s when I want to indulge that the cows make an entrance into my life.   Mainly, I mean chocolate and ice cream.

I hear a lot “HOW DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN?!  YOU’RE A RUNNER, YOU NEED PROTEIN.”  To this I say, “stop.”  Meat is not the only way to get protein, sillys.  I eat plenty of beans, quinoa, tofu, tempeh, pillow cushions, and Braxton’s chubby feet.  I’m fine!  I just don’t really like meat, and I don’t miss it.  I’ll add some recipes that might make you say, “Steak?  What is that?” **

But the ice cream.  Sorry, but walking into town w the fam for a good bowl of cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles just isn’t worth the misery of life without it:)

**Disclaimer- this did not work for my husband.  No matter how much tofu I make him, he prefers the steak every time.


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