The Training Plan

To qualify or not to qualify- that is the question.  The answer is completely up to me, but I don’t like that kind of responsibility, so I’m going to go ahead and train hard* and leave the rest up the the god of running.

I have run one marathon before- The. Buffalo. Marathon.  2009.  For Team in Training (a wonderful cause, and if given the opportunity, I urge you to try it).  I was well-trained and running a good pace- and Buffalo did me in.  I broke down at mile 9 and did not come back from it.  My mind gave up.  I finished with the help of an amazing coach, and I will focus on that.  I finished.  And I met some lifelong friends and running partners in the process.

Here are my personal amature stats.  I have run 1 marathon, 7 half marathons, 2 20ks (Mmmm Sauerkraut), 5 15ks, lots of 10ks, a few 5ks here and there, and a bunch of amazing trail runs.  I will eventually aspire to become a trail runner- trails are amazing and gorgeous, and times just don’t matter.  My PRs:

Marathon 5:03:37

Half: 1:48:45

20k: 1:40:32

15k: 1:09:44

10k: 48:23

5 Mile: 1:37:08

5k: 23:31

To qualify for Boston, I have to run The Empire State Marathon in 3:35 or less.  The race is on October 21st, 2012.  That is an 8:12 per mile pace, for 26.2 miles.  Hard?  Yes.  Impossible?  Nope, not even for me.   My shoes will be the Brooks Green Silence.  They are the most fantastic shoes I have ever used in my 10 years of running.  They, I like to think, will be the sole (ha!) reason I do or do not qualify.  All up to them.  No pressure, guys;)

I am using Higdon’s Personal Best Marathon training plan.  My weekly runs consist of (at 5am lately):

1 long run

1 tempo run

2 slow/recovery runs

1 marathon pace run

1 strength/cross day (usually I do a Jillian Michael’s DVD on this day.  Baby helps by being my weights!)

1 rest day (where I do nothing but chase my creepy crawler around the house 98908345 times!)  Rest, please, son!


*Depends on who you’re talking to.  Sometimes I want to skip a run and eat a brownie, ok?


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