Le Blogue


I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now- not because I think people really care too much what I’m up to, but more to have a place to record everything so that one day- in my old wise age- I can have it for my eager children to read about Mom’s escapades as a twenty-something.  Will the Internet be relevant then?  Oh well, I like to write, so if nothing else, it will appeal to me now!

My theory is, if I blog about it, I will do it, right?  And by “it” I mean qualify for Boston.  This blog will mostly focus around my training, with a few bits and pieces of food, my boys, and my life.  Because I don’t think I could have a blog and not mention my son, or post 1 or 2,345 pictures of him:) 

Anyways, I’ve set my goal- made it public knowledge.  Follow me on this journey, if you will.  And if not, I promise your life will suffer in no way.



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