The baby.


The baby inspiration of this blog.  Ok, so he’s getting to be more of a toddler now (and a bit younger in this picture), but as they say, “…as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.”

Here he is, my big 10.5 month old little squish of a bean!  I’ve been “healthy” for a long time now (does it count the time I unwrapped Slim Fast bars and took them in a plastic baggie to lunch in high school so no one would know what it is?), but having him has really made me re-think even that.  I have become aware of everything that I eat and do.  I’m his example, and I want to be a good one.  So in conclusion, I only eat my ice cream when he’s asleep;)

I’m beyond in love with this little guy, and every race I finish stronger and stronger because he’s there at the sidelines w Daddy.  So, thank you, Braxton, for making me a better person just by being here.  I can truly say that if I DO qualify for Boston, it will be because he pushes me to be my best.  And if I don’t, I will still hug the crap out of him when I cross that finish line.


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