Cross Day = Getting yelled at by Jillian


Today is my “cross-training” day.  I won’t post much on these, as they are always a different Jillian DVD.  I have most of her DVDs, so I just rotate to fight boredom.  Why do I choose this as my cross training?

1. I could bike. But, I don’t own a bike and I honestly cannot fathom riding it for anything other than pleasure if I did.  I admire anyone who can, though.

2, I could swim.  No, I CAN swim. You happen to be reading the blog of the lifeguard for my place of employment.  Yes folks, I am able to save 90 years olds from their 4 foot pool if need be.  Again, this is not something I would do for much more than pleasure, or in emergency situations.

So, I rely on old Jill.  Her workouts are hard.  Today was “No More Trouble Zones.”  I can do hill repeats and not curse, but this workout brings out the swears in me.  I will do one of her DVDs and feel it for days.  It’s remarkable to feel the muscles I do not use in running.  It’s because of that I keep it up.

Braxton enjoys hanging on my feet and acts as a leg weight when I do the leg lowers.  Why oh why don’t I have a 6 pack like Jillian yet?!  Oh, that’s right.  My belly was the size of the whale 11 months ago.  That, and chocolate.


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