Making it through the work day…

For the most part (besides the random night Brax wakes up in the middle of the night), I have a ton of energy all the time.  I do not nap and I rarely burn out.  This is why, I think.

The first thing I would say is that sleep is super important to your health.  For example, I know I want to be up really early.  I will force myself to go to bed close to 9pm.  Extra hours on the computer are far less important to me than getting a full night’s sleep (Braxton is a good sleeper, so we’re lucky).  The exception?  A tie-breaker game of rousing Rummikub w Brian.  That might keep me up until 9:35.

After that, I’d say eat a good, hearty breakfast in the morning.  Fill yourself up.  Do I have to say porridge oats AGAIN!?

For me, my run is like a cup of coffee.  After a while, without my morning workout, I drag ALL DAY.  Try it, you will find it works!  But if you prefer night workouts, make sure you’re keeping yourself energized for it so you make it TO your workout and THROUGH your workout.

Now, these things are easy enough to adjust.  It’s packing a lunch, making it healthy, and snacking healthy all day that are when the hard part starts.   In my HOUSE, it’s easy;  I don’t buy tempting food.  So when I go in the kitchen wanting some (which I do a LOT), I have no choice but to grab the carrots or make some kale chips.  I have poor self control, so this is what works for me.  It is also teaching Brax healthy snacks.  Besides Goldfish.  He has to have those.

At work, it’s not so easy.  It’s really hard for me to pass up a cookie every day as they eye me from the lunch tray.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t.

I DO pack healthy snacks though, to deter me from such temptations.  These high-sugar temptations are part of the reason we get so tired.  They make us buzzed for a minute, then we crash.  Some heartier, easy examples:

-100 Calorie packs of almonds

-Granola (bars) (homemade=even better)

-Cut up fruits and veggies, apples with almond butter or hummus or tahini!

-If I want pretzels, I will bag them, so I’m limited to how much I can eat

– Roasted chick peas are freakin’ delicious and so easy. Behold:


-Drink A LOT of water.  Get a water bottle and make it a point to drink and fill it at least 4 times during your work day.  It will keep you full, hydrated, and your skin glowy glowy.  Stop drinking soda- it’s not quenching your thirst.

At lunchtime, it’s so tempting to buy something.  Pack it- it will save you money and calories.  There are so many easy, healthy options to bring for lunch.  And come on, it’s not THAT inconvenient to spend a couple minutes getting it ready the night before.  Your friends will admire you (and envy you) for it, as they munch their greasy pizza.  Lunch ideas?

-Make something good for dinner, and bring the leftovers for your lunch tomorrow

-How about a health packed sandwich?  A really good grain bread (my personal favorite is spelt), some avocado, veggies, tuna, tofu, tempeh, a good meat- whatever you like.  Make it pretty!

-A salad.  Use spinach and arugala, peppers, chick peas, avocado, tomatos, sprouts, fruits.  Make it look appetizing so you can’t wait to eat it

-My favorite is a meal size yogurt parfait. I make it with some good, high protein granola, some fresh fruit, and soy yogurt.  I can put it all together right at work.

I guess the key is in choosing something you will stick with, not boring, and what will keep you full so your eyes don’t drift to that second cookie.  Experiement with it.  Make yourself a deal.  “If I bring my lunch every day  I will use the money I saved to get a pedicure and the inches I lost to get a sexay new dress!”  Or. “Now I will buy those tickets to see Yanni in concert!”

Once you make it a habit, it becomes easier.  Get over the “this sucks I just want french fries” hump, don’t give into it. Think of how proud of yourself you will be that you got through the day putting nothing but GOOD CLEAN FOOD into your body.  You are truly what you eat!

But above all, if you DO eat that cookie, don’t beat yourself up.  Have one.  You’re allowed to give in once in a while.  It’s all about moderation.  Sometimes we just need some damn chocolate.

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