Tempo run through soup


This is what I looked like at 6am today.

Because I can only run shorter distances during the week, it is very important to make all of my runs productive.  The recovery/slow runs are just as important as this dreaded tempo run.  A tempo run is done at a faster pace than marathon pace.  My tempo run pace should be between 7:13min/mile and 7:30 min/mile, or faster. I use my 15k PR with this calculator to figure out my target paces:


I woke up at 5 this morning in hopes that the heat had broken.  It had not.  It was 75 and muggy.  I DESPISE running in the heat (I’m not good at it- hence the fall marathon choice), and even more so at a tempo pace.  But I set off for my 6 miles of soupy agony.  .5 miles in Garmin FINALLY found his satelites (so annoying!), and told me I was going at a 6:52 min/mile pace.  I kept that up for 2 miles, passed a man and decided to smoke him with a 6:40 min/mile (I’m sure he was super impressed as I panted like a dog by him), and finished the last three at a 7:02 pace.  Halfway in I was ready for tomorrow’s easy run.

I am completely drained after this, but these are what is going to make me faster- if that is possible.  So bring it on, tempo runs.  And water.  I need water!

Know who doesn’t mind a smelly, sweaty mama?  This guy:



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