Recovery Run Fun


Yayy for recovery run day!  After yesterday’s tough run (Here-> ) (I have no clue how to link a page with a word.  I bet my son even does.), I needed this run. 

Recovery runs are a short, slow run done after a harder training day.  I think (with lots of evidence to back me up and at the insistance of my coach) these are just as important as a tempo or a long run to ensure a Boston qualifyer enhance race performance.  They do not really help with muscle recovery (lactic acid breaks down far before the next day), but they do help keep you from burning out and from injury.  Initially, before I talked to my coach about a real training plan, I went out fast every day.  Consequently, I skipped a lot of days, too, because I was SO drained and my foot started bothering me.

Mostly, these slower runs will help me keep a balance and they get my legs used to running while still fatigued from the previous day’s toughie. So it’s not entirely “easy.”  I’ll do one after long run day, and one after tempo day.  Personally, I think they help keep my target marathon pace feeling comfortable and in perspective.

Running slower, for me, is very hard.  Not because I’m some super fast freak, but because it is slower than my “comfortable” pace.  I have to bring Garmin and he HAS to be working so he keeps me in line.  I’m constantly looking down seeing myself going too fast (a metaphor for my life sometimes?!)  Today was 4 miles at an average 9:08 pace, give or take a few seconds.   

It’s nice to come home and not feel totally exhausted.  And it’s nice to run and enjoy the scenery of a peaceful COOL morning.  I even got to say hello to a few of my duck friends on the canal. 

Overall, nice way to start the day!  🙂


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