A story for Rest Day

Today is rest day!  No run day.  Hang out day.  I don’t think that needs much explaining. I was able to sleep in, and I can spend tonight relaxing with my beautiful family:)  I wonder if the the geese who lunge and spit at me missed my presence this morning?  Probably.

Anyways, I’ll share a story on of my good friends told me a while back.

He had just run a marathon, and had not done as well as he’d hoped.  After the marathon, he ran into a famous elite runner who’d just finished as well.  She asked him how he did.  He told her his time; disappointed.  She replied very seriously, “I really envy you.” 

“YOU envy ME?” he laughed.  She said, “Yes.  You GOT to run a lot longer than I did.  You were ABLE to enjoy your run, and appreciate everything around you.  You’re so lucky.”

He said he’ll never forget that.  Neither will I.  That’s what falling in love with running is like.  It’s not an “exercise” or a chore; it’s an experience.  It really is.  You may have a goal to run fast, but you really don’t want it to go by too fast, because then it’s over. I try to remember this everytime I run a little slower than I had planned or feel crummy during a run.

And if I want to get all deep- holy life lesson.  When you slow down, you GET to enjoy it.  When Brax is cutting a new tooth and is super cranky and I think, “I can’t WAIT ’til this is over!” I need to change that thought to “I GET to catch those little tears and I am ABLE hug him and sing him a lullaby with my fabulous should-be-famous voice until he falls asleep.”

Because you know what, someday he’s going to have all his perfect teeth that I probably paid $50,000 in braces for and he will be smiling at me on his wedding day and I will be only wishing I could have my gummy baby back.

Great.  Now I need Kleenex.  This was SUPPOSED to be a running story.  It’s amazing where your mind wanders while you write… 

Oh well, here’s to rest day!  Happy Friday!  Try to enjoy it, whatever you do. 

And while we’re on the subject of gummy smiles…




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