Runner’s High and a Sick Baby Weekend

That’s me after I got high today! I am saying “hooray hooray yay woo ha yeahhh!!”

(…and Bri is wondering why the hell he married the nutcase who just woke him up to come take a picture of her jumping in the air.  I HAD to illustrate how I felt!)

I have no clue how far or at what pace I was going (but I will guess close to 14 miles) because little old Garmin did NOT want to find his satelites today.  I was pissed- at first, but then I stopped caring.  Things happen for a reason, I tell ya.  Now I will never again run with that watch on long run day- including the marathon.  If I do qualify, it won’t be because I was forcing myself.  It will happen if it’s supposed to.  I would rather feel like this.  There was no looking down at my wrist today constantly thinking I’m going too fast or too slow- I just ran for two hours naturally and enjoyed every single second.  And do you know HOW good it felt?  I got the “Runner’s High!”  It’s truly making me giddy, even thinking about it.  I can’t believe it!  I’ve only had it twice ever before- during my first marathon training:

1. While running up a huge hill while listening to “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

2. While running down a large hill listening to “Let’s Talk About Sex Baby.”  (I’m not ashamed, that’s a fresh beat.)

Well, I don’t listen to music when I run anymore, but I got high anyways!  I always feel good running, but the high is the most fantastic feeling– like your legs just keep moving while you’re smiling from ear to ear because you feel completely euphoric.  I felt like I could have gone all day.  I did not only because I needed water.  I ran all around town like a giddy little chicken on crack.  I’m sure the cars were raising their brows to the freak bounding up and down the streets with the giant smile planted on her sun-burned, sweating face.  I don’t care, CARS.  I was high!  What a fantastic run:)

Ohhh yeah- I ran Saturday too.  But who cares about THAT run?!

It was my “marathon pace run”.  I ran 7 miles at the pace I HOPE to carry on for 26.2.  Remember, 8:12 min/miles is what I need.  This run, for me, is meant to help me know what this pace feels like. I have run this far and faster before, but I really need to learn how to pace myself if I have any hope in carrying it for an entire marathon.  So no, this was not a huge challenge, but I’m not pulling out my maracas to do a shimmy dance yet.  7 miles isn’t even 1/3 of the race.  Ok, yes, I did the shimmy dance anyways for fun.

And finally. 

I will end this post by saying that this weekend was for my sick baby- who, with a double pink eye ear infection medely, only wanted his mama.  It was a good thing Brian’s weekend was for his sick baby, too, because he stepped in so this girl could step out.  And believe me- when I have a poor, boogery baby reaching for me, getting out that door is NOT easy.  He even lost his “voice” so his little cry is even more hollow and sad.  Talk about guilt.  I was sure to choose the ‘sleep on Daddy’s chest times’ to slip away.  The minute I got back, I joined them. Here they all are, clearly anxiously awaiting my arrival home:

And for the record- b’s feeling well enough today teach himself how to get up the stairs.  He’s like his mother- even at our sickest, we just cannot sit still<3

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