6 Health Lessons from a Baby

In his whole 11 months, Brax has taught me so many things just by using his little instincts and being, well, himself.  Here are six lessons from “The Braxton School of Health and Fitness”:

1. Stop eating when you are full.  He eats slow, and he knows when his belly has had enough- so he stops eating!  Magical, right?  When in life do we stop this, and why??

2. Give everything a try.  He might not like green beans, but he tries them every time.  I know many adults who won’t even do that.  (I also know he won’t always be this way, so I am appreciating my less-picky eater right now).  So props to Brax there.  I will try anything, because I might just like it. Of course, by trying everything, I mean he eats dirt and grass, too, but at least it’s au natural;)

3. Sleep/rest is important.  Sure, he fights it sometimes, but he eventually succombs.  When he wakes, he’s refreshed and happy with more energy than he knows what to do with.  Works the same for us big kids.  If I’m not feeling it, I will rest and relax.

4. Being active makes you sleep better.  On days when we’re busy outside and going going going- he sleeps like a ROCK all night.  7p-6a like clockwork, not even a whimper.  Absolutely works the same for me. Days I run=way better sleep.

5. We are what we eat.  Don’t worry, I won’t add a graphic here, but I know everything that goes into that kid’s body and, ahem, everything that comes out.  If he eats something off the chain, I know it. We are absolutely what we eat.  Ask any Mom who’s changed a diaper.

6. Always explore and learn and notice your surroundings.  His mind is developing at a super speed right now.  Look at the world through his eyes.  During a run, I try to really enjoy what I’m passing by at each moment- to see everything.  The view is better than I ever knew.  And you know what?  Cords are strange looking things, the toilet flush is quite remarkable, and car keys are like a small treasure.

Babies.  If not for those adorable pudgy bellys, they could make some pretty fabulous wellness coaches;)  Tell me you wouldn’t take lessons from this baldy!  He sure knows his stuff.


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