Sugar cravings, you are my Achilles Heel

Today was a morning that for some reason, Brax decided to be my alarm clock.  He woke up at 4:59 very hungry- and that’s a Mom job (I’m still working in the lab to have men be able to lactate).  Which in all honesty is fine.  I think I need the rest day today; a walk around the block later on is all I need.  My body feels tired.  And of course, Baby comes first.  In any case, I wanted to talk about my weakness today.


In a blindfolded taste test between running shoes and ice cream, I’ll pick the shoes 90% of the time.

It all started- as many things do- with the ice cream man.  He would drive around playing that hypnotizing song, and like a magnet, I needed to have a pink baseball glove with the bubble gum baseball.

Meals, I’m clean as a baby after a bath.  But I’m still am a work-in-progress in the snacking department.  My weakness is sugar.  To some it’s salt, or cheese, or beer, or licorice.  I have not been buying junk food in my house= zero temptation.  But that’s not fair to Bri- he wants something besides kale chips.  And when Brax gets older, how am I going to be the cool mom on the block without some snacks in la casa?!  So here’s my new tactic:

1. When I am having this craving, I will try tricks to take my mind off of it. 

At work: I’ll drink water, suck on hard candy, try one miniature chocolate, stay away from the room with the goodies, or busy myself with a project.

At home: I’ll drink water, go for a walk, play outside, read a book, or think of (or make) a healthier snacking option.

Many, many times, these work- I was bored or thirsty or needed something to do with my hands.

But if these don’t work, and I still feel I just “need” something, I will give into it.  Sometimes I just want the convenience and taste of a good treat.  I’m not ashamed or guilty about it.

I am not a fan of deprivation. I think some people can and do have amazing self control and I am jealous.  But I do not, and that deprivation will lead to glutton like gorging the next time.  And as for the “healthier options.”  There are many- but calories are calories (example- almonds- GREAT for you, but high in fat, so too many actually isn’t so great) so there should be a limit.

2. My idea?  I have learned to let myself have ONE serving size.  That’s right- 1/2 cup of ice cream, 20 chips, 12 crackers- whatever it is.  I give myself that portion, and put the rest away.  Back in the freezer, the cupboard- where I can’t see it, and I walk away.  No going back.  I eat it slowly; I take the time to enjoy it.  And I wait.  Almost every time that is all I needed to feel satisfied.  When we go out for ice cream, Bri and Brax and I split a kiddie size.  At picnics, I grab a tiny bit of what I want to try.  Resturants?  I will have them box it before I start.

If I keep more in front of me, I will keep eating either because of the hand-to-mouth therapy feeling (when eventually I can’t even TASTE it anymore), or the “I must finish this” mindset.  I think the serving size idea is also a great one to grow Braxton up on.  Except for the Baby Goldfish- I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need 89 of them.

Look, I’m certainly no expert, and I will always have this weakness.  We’re human, and as far as I know, we’re still only on this earth once.  Despite my best daydreams, I am neither an elite fitness competitor nor an Olympian.  So I don’t want to make myself miserable with diets.  99% of the time, I keep it clean.  But I’m allowed a little dirt once in a while.

This trick has been working for me- we’ve had and have kept ice cream in the house for longer than 3 days, I can have something “bad” every now and then and not feel guilty, and I’ve seen zero decline in my fitness/weight/etc.  On the contrary- still improving!  So, I’m happy!  Bri is too, because he can be a normal man again!

Try this with me, oh us poor suckers with cravings, and see what you think.  We’ll start a new fad called the “snacking for cool kids rule.”  Or something a lot more clever.


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