Running with Friends

A riddle. What is better than running in the pouring rain?

Running with friends in the pouring rain of course!  And also, Hershey’s Kisses.  And Braxton’s kisses. Alright, alright- Brian’s kisses too:)

The gorgeous view outside my car window this morning- super inviting, huh?  Notice the full parking lot?

Ah, but with I wasn’t alone- seven of us decided to endure the rain at 6:30 this morning- including one tellytubby and a Mary Poppins;)  We meet most Saturdays in Mendon Ponds, bright and early.  It was a nice cool rain; I always appreciate a good rainy run.  As Alex put it “We’re going to get wet either way- sweat or rain.”  Indeed.  The first couple steps are rough, but then you just dance along until you’re soaked to the bone and don’t care anymore.  The one downside?  My hair is basically uncombable when I’m through and I resemble a troll with runny mascara.  It’s overall one of my sexier looks.

It’s my taper week, so I ran 10 miles (some did 8, some did 15).  What I love about my Saturdays in Mendon w these crazy folks?

-They’re amazing company.  We share the common ground of the love for running, and the conversations, jokes, and miles flow so easily.  Everyone is motivating and postive; we all run at different paces, and that’s ok.  I can’t say enough good things about the group.  I look up to them- some have run many marathons, and could just bust one out tomorrow if they had to.  I admire them and only aspire to be like that one day.  Until then, I’ll learn everything I can from them.  We just have to say “Today, Smith Road Loop,” and everyone knows what we mean.  I am so blessed to be a part of that and to know them.  They’re the reason I run like I do today.  Ok, enough sappy stuff.  Their heads are big enough.

-The hills.  Oh the hills.  If you want to get really trained for something, do it in Mendon.  Mostly the entire park is rolling hills.  It’s a tough but great workout no matter what distance we run.  There are also trails to run or hike!  Trail runs are such a fun change of pace and quite the challenge.

-Water stops.  It’s so nice running long here because they put water stops out every couple miles- like in a race.  No carrying a bottle or running back to the water fountain.  Anything I might need- water Gatorade, gels- are in there.  Honestly, a big thank you for that guys.

-Motivation because they’re waiting for me.  Want motivation- find a running (or gym, or bike, or walking) group or partner and set a time to meet.  Just the fact that they’re counting on me to be there makes me get up early on a Saturday to, well, be there.  My group could certainly make it without me, but I like to think they get a little giddy when my car pulls in;)  There is always someone my pace or faster to keep me going too.  And I can always count on a certain someone to mention my cotton shirts and “clam-digging” pants.  They’re so sweet!

If you’re ever looking for someone to run with, come join us.  These guys are the most fantastic coaches and people you will ever meet; and will get you through any run, any distance, any pace- there will always be someone to run with.  Anyone is welcome and encouraged to come join the fun.


Another great run in the books.  Every step gets me that much closer to the marathon. Countdown: 84 days away!


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