Running with Baby

How in the WORLD have I gone this long without talking about my favorite running partner of all- Braxton Robert?!

Running got me through the nauseous first trimester, the elated second, and the uncomfortable third.  So naturally, I could NOT WAIT to get back out there as soon as I could-and neither could b!  As soon as the cabin fever kicked in, we’d had it!

The running stroller= a Godsend (or a Grandma-send, in my case).  Me being crazy me; I broke that sucker in for some easy miles two weeks after we brought our little squish home.  I snuggled him comfy-cozy in his carseat, snapped it in; down the canal, away we went- very carefully.  He thought “This is a lot better than schlopping around in Mom’s belly while she runs, but I sure do miss kicking her in the ribs…”  He snoozed, I eased back into a running routine; all was well in baby-mommy land.  I still have yet to go for a run with him where he objects, cries, or complains.

Look how little!  *tear*  Eager to run w Mom! 

He’s long since graduated to riding big-boy-style and he just loves it.  I miss looking at him while I run, but I will survive.  Probably he does not miss watching me pant and drool on him.  I haven’t been taking him with me much lately because of these early mornings.  I miss it.  Lots.

Ridin’ dirty like a big kid!  Let’s go, MOM!

As it gets darker in the morning and cooler in the evenings, I’ll be busting out again for my shorter runs in the afternoon w kiddo more often.  I know b. can’t wait; he’s been asking nearly every day and he says “Da Ma Ba NA NA FEE Puh ta ta Na Ba Ga Oy” which roughly translates to, “Mom, I will eat green beans faithfully when you take me out running again.”  Deal, Buddy.  Deal.  I’m a sucker for a good bribe.  Then he yells like this to remind me just how serious he is:

Running with the stoller is fairly easy on the canal- it’s flat and long (and perfect for the infant stage- no bumps!).  There’s also an ipod hook up, and we have been known to take it to the streets rockin’ some Tom Petty and Mother Goose.  If  he’s awake when we pass the park, you bet your bum we stop for a swing ride and pay a visit to the duckys!  We steer clear of those swans though- they’re out for blood.

However, taking it to the sidewalks is a whooole different story.  Boy oh boy, hills are a challenge, and I usually have to walk half of them or cease breathing and keel over.  If I had a nickel for everytime I did hill repeats with the stroller- I would have no nickels.  It’s similar to pushing a large boulder up a hill.  Those folks who run with their strollers during races- holy crap you’re amazing.  Will I do it someday?  Maybe, very slowly.  But I think the marathon might be easier for me.

I took him up on his constant requests, and we headed out for a canal run after our strenuous work/daycare day today (I can feel it in my back the next day, so it counts for cross-training, right?).  It was hot and we JUSTMISSED the rain, but it was wonderful.  There’s nothing like combining my two favorite things:)  Here’s to the best running partner a momma could ask for- I love you monkey<3


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