A baby’s first, a gorgeous view, a mazing friends- VACATION!

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!  I know, that’s what all of my trusty readers (Mom) are thinking!  In the Hamptons with some great people, that’s where!

I guess since this fantastic blog is about training for a marathon, I probably should start there.  My training schedule this weekend called for: 4 miles Thursday, 7 miles Saturday, and 14 miles Sunday.  I knew 14 probably wouldn’t happen when I felt the wet air, but I knew I could get 25 miles total in there.  So I took Thursday off, ran 8 miles on Friday, 9 on Saturday, and 8 on Sunday- oh my!  I’m pretty sure my math is correct….

I went out and ran a pace however I wanted each of these mornings- I was on vacation!  It was a little hard because Brax decided sleeping through the night is not for vacations. So I was up with him at 2am and out the door to run at 6am.  Coffee was one of my other best friends all weekend long.  The best part about running here: the view.  I mean come on, it’s literally 3.5 miles from Ashley’s front door to the ocean.  You can’t beat it, and I truly indulged in every mile.  It’s also almost entirely flat, so my thighs appreciated the break.  The worst part: the humidty was I think 500%- if not more.  I may as well have ran in a downpour the way I looked when I was finished.  Kal thought I’d showered- that’s how pretty I was.  Sunday was my favorite run because there was zero fog on the ocean, and this was my view from the bridge:

I miss it already.  Running in the Hamptons=perfection.

Today I took b out for a nice relaxing jog, as we both needed the r&r after our pretty much perfect weekend.  I also enjoyed the no humidity!  It made running with the stroller seem- easy!

So about that perfect weekend.  It was all about getting us all together and catching up, and that’s what we did.  We started this love affair back in elementary school where our girls’ nights literally consisted of pillow fights and secrets.  We’re adults now; and the best part of this age is that we are all becoming aware of ourselves which has in turn made us totally understanding of eachother’s selves- however far we live or how much we change.  We still told secrets, and we definitely had some sand fights.

I’m the only one so far with a child- yet somehow it felt like Braxton belonged there.  That’s how we are.  We can go a year without seeing eachother; with new loves, no loves, new kids, new shoes- and when we get back together, it’s like the puzzle completed again.  It was so great to see all of them with my little boy, and it’s something I’ll never forget.  When you see your child through the eyes of people you care about, you somehow love them all more.  It made me so proud of him.  These girls, when and if they so choose, one day will all make the most amazing mothers.  Until then, though, Brax is definitely enjoying his time being the only baby w his beautiful Aunties.

We arrived at 1 am Thursday morning- w Brax sleeping mostly the entire drive.  While Bri went fishing; Ash, Brax, and I went to lunch at my new favorite place Cafe Mambo- where the acai yogurt bowl is my new addiction.   We took Brax to the beach that evening where he learned the ocean and sand- and as usual- loved every second of it.  And he tasted sand and salt too.  Not too shabby.

Friday– Bri, Brax, and I had some quality family time- we went back to lunch at that same place and took a gorgeous walk around West Hampton.  It was really nice to have some time away with them.  They’re my first loves, afterall.


Then the girls came in, we relaxed, and played in the ocean for a little bit.  We made dinner- Sher made delicious pesto- and we caught up and laughed and hugged a lot!

Saturday we all took the boat out to an island.  B was feeling a little under the weather and was tired, but the minute he hit that water, he was a new baby.  It was perfect for him- no waves!  He stood for the longest time I have ever seen, and we all just watched him waiting for that first step.  It didn’t come (afterall, Brax does things on his own time), but it would have been perfect.  No, it was perfect.  Everyone was as excited as I was seeing him.  It was like time stopped.  He was certainly the star of the show.  Everyone enjoyed drinks, played games, went clamming, laid out, dug in sand- whatever.  We were pretty much the only ones on the island.  It was such a good day.  We cooked out that last night and just enjoyed eachother’s company.

Sunday was time to say goodbye. Liz’s car broke down, so Bri and I were happy to drive her and Kal home- more quality time with good friends?!  Absolutely.

Everyone was so understanding when we had to leave early for b’s naps, or when I went to bed at 9pm while they kept the party going! I was worried, to be honest- and for nothing.  I wouldn’t change it for the world- I got to watch my little boy fuss in that pack-n-play and it was beautiful…ooor I just let him sleep with me for a while:)  Honestly, I was at peace because I had my boys by my side, and all of my best friends a second away.  How could it get any better?

Anyways, I could go on and on gushing about my friends.  I just feel lucky, and I miss them already.  Brax was in- for the most part- a fantastic mood on his first vacation, my hubby got to fish a lot and caught some keepers- so he was a happy camper, and I got to spend a lot of time with people I love more than anything.  So overall- it was as close to perfect as it can get.

I usually try to tie running into whatever story I’ve told at the end.  I stumbled across this quote:

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.”

There’s always that awkward moment when you grow up with close friends- there’s fights, there’s drama, there’s moves.  Some people give up on the people closest to them during those times and go their separate ways.  We didn’t– we got through whatever teenage angst there may have been, and from that, in our “second wind,” I can honestly tell you that I have lifelong friends in these girls.

Thank you, Sherry, Liz, Ashley, Marianne, Kailie, and Emma from the bottom of my heart for being the people you are, the friends that you are, and the Aunts to my son that you are.  I love you.  Here’s to next year!


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