My Little Mermaid Gang Challenge

Today’s Training: Cross Day- Strength DVD w old Jill because I’ve missed her “GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE” schpeal.  Well, it hurt and I’m all done!  Now onto my own schpeal!!

I believe that everyone has a little bit of a runner in them.  Now stop groaning and saying “Here she goes again with her running rants” and hear me out.  Think of little kids- what’s their instinct?  What do they LOVE to do the moment they learn to?  RUN!  For FUN!  It’s part of us….

I do not believe everyone wants to run, or even likes it, but I believe everyone is able to run.  I just don’t think most of us give it a long enough chance.  Like I’ve said before, I would never have been pegged for a runner; it took me a full year of making myself agonizingly jog one mile before I would even venture a longer run.  It’s not like having a baby or seeing Johnny Depp.  You don’t fall in love immediately.  It’s annoying, it can be hard to find the time, but it grows on you if you let it- kind of like reality tv, but way better.

For reference.  Swoon.

Beyond fitness, running really is cheaper than therapy.  There are times when I feel stressed or uptight and I quite literally need my run.  If I’m in a mood, my mom or husband will say, “Go running NOW!”  They know that when I return, I’m happy as a clam.  I need the fresh air and the hard beating heart of a good run.  My husband has also finally caught on to the fact that running is my relaxation.  My world- like all of ours- is fast and busy, so I make it a priority.  Bri used to say, “You need to sit down and relax.”  Now he knows, I need to lace up my running shoes and relax.  It’s often my only me-time, and that time to myself makes me a better mother, wife, and person.  I’m certain Brax has already caught on to the pre/post run Mom change. My before and after pictures:

The thing with getting started is that it sucks.  Yes, I said “sucks” in relation to running.  But it’s true- it is not easy.  If it was, everyone would do it and there would be no obesity epidemic.  Running takes build up, time, dedication, and most of all- it’s all mental. 

This is why I believe anyone can run if they want to.

I try to recruit everyone, just ask my friends.  I’m working on my mom and aunt.  They’re going to cave, I just know it.  Most recently, three people very close to me are running in their first and/or longest races ever this fall.  I’ll call them Sebastian, Skuttle, and Flounder to protect their identities.  I will take no credit in how awesome they do, only that I gave them the idea of the race and some plans.  They were super reluctant at first, and said “I don’t think I can- I’ll think about it.”  Well, think they did, because they’re all signed up to run now!  I’d like to add to my Little Mermaid Gang!

Warming up for the race!

Two are running in a half marathon, one in a 5k.  I won’t say which is which because that would make it too easy to crack the code.  I’m so proud of them that when they told me they’d signed up (Sebastian wrote, “I signed up. fml.”), I literally jumped out of my chair with giddyness.  They have all been giving me updates on their training, and it makes me so happy to see them so happy and doing something so good for themselves.  I can’t wait to watch them race, and to be a part of that day with people who are so special to me.  It’s funny how it’s gone from hanging out in bars to hanging out by the finish line- my how we’ve grown:)

So here’s my challenge to anyone who wants to take it.  I’m not saying to run a marathon (unless you want to!!), but look into a 5k or something that is personally challenging for you.  You can’t know unless you try.  Sign up for it– it will give you that extra push to train.  Look up a Hal Higdon plan to keep you on track.  Do not worry about your pace or how you look- just by being there you are lapping most of the world who are still asleep in their beds, and everyone sweats.  No one is watching you or judging.  I once saw a man with double bleeding nipples that dripped down his entire shirt running his little heart out (boy do I wish I had a picture for you!).  If he’s not ashamed- no one should be.  He crossed the finish line same as anyone else.  Never doubt what you are capable of- it’s a lot more than you think.  There’s so much more to races than just running:

-Look for one that supports a charity.  This way you can know you’re running with purpose- in memory or in honor or someone/something.

-Look for one with a kid’s fun run and get the kids involved in a healthy family activity!

-Look for one at the zoo, or where you can bring your dog, or a place you think is gorgeous that has meaning to you.

-Of course, think of the physical and mental benefits it will give you.

-And if nothing else, imagine this:

You’re coming to the final stretch of your run.  The music is loud, you can SEE the finish line, and the crowd seems to be cheering just for you.  The energy is nothing by positive.  You pass by your family and friends’ faces, smiling- urging you on.  You are about to cross the finish line and accomplish something you thought was impossible until now.  A couple months ago you thought- yeah right.  Then you remember- nothing is impossible and you deserve this moment.  It is healthy, it is yours. And you did it. 

There is no feeling like that in the world.  But don’t take my word for it…


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