The Tale of a Fussy Baby and His Vegetables

Today’s Training: 4 mile easy run.  It was dark and rainy all morning, and dark is scary to me so I held my pepper spray really tight.  That didn’t stop me from screaming very loudly when the damn ducks decided to jump into the canal precisely as I ran by.  They think they know me well enough now to play pranks?  I didn’t know we were on that level.  I wonder how they’ll like moldy bread. 

Now onto my latest struggle w Mr. Fuss Budget himself…

How dinner went last night:

Me: “Braxton, those carrots are really good for you so make sure you eat them up!”

Braxton: “Sure Mom, no problem- pass the spinach while you’re at it!”

No, I’m lying, dinner went nothing like this. It went like this:


…And After

 Before he tried his meal…                                                                                                                               

Infact, now that we’re onto all table food, Mr. Braxton has become awful picky. It was so easy to sneak veggies in purees ughh. 

Some tactics I’ve tried that have for some reason failed:

-Telling him he will grow hair if he eats his veggies.  Apparently, he’s digging being bald.

-Serving him dinner in courses while speaking in a French accent and calling him “Misiour.”  He realizes we are infact, not in France, and his mother is nuts.

-Sneaking some veggies in his potato pancakes.  He literally chews around the veggies, eats the pancake, and spits the rest out.

-Cutting my own meals into tiny pieces so he sees we’re eating them same thing!  He decides I’m the baby and feeds his entire meal to me.

-And finally, last night’s strategy- a screaming baby in the high chair pulling his bib off while Mom has her head down on the table in defeat.

It’s very very frustrating for me.  I’m not sure why I thought it would be easy, but I did.

One thing that is already actually a hit is baked tofu.  I drain firm tofu, cut it into little blocks, marinate in olive oil, and bake at 350 for 40 minutes, flipping halfway.  He will also eat broccoli, and if I puree some kale or spinach and add it to his pancake batter or oatmeal- he’s none the wiser.  But that’s it– that’s as much as I can get into him for veggies lately.

I know I just have to be patient and keep trying- he’s gotta learn himself and I can’t force itI get it- sweet fruit just tastes better.  For now, I will try to set a good example and hope he will learn in time.  I will deal with the “put food in mouth, make gross face, spit out crazy tounge sound, throw on floor” routine we’ve got going on.  All is not lost- the dog makes out like a CHAMP!

I’ve compiled some cute snacks I have found, and I hope will work in the future to make healthy food more fun for him.  See what you think!  And if you have any other tips for me and my baby veggie crisis- help a Mama out!

1. Safari Dip

Peanut butter or hummus, Honey, Celery or apple, Animal crackers

Mix together peanut butter and honey or use hummus.  Then spread in a piece of celery or on an apple.  Place animal crackers in the dip mixture.

2. Spider Bites

Mini Babybel cheese round, pretzels, raisins

3. Butterfly Bites

3 celery legs 1 tbsp hummus (you can substitute low-fat cream cheese or natural nut butter) 6 mini-loop pretzels 3 raisins

  • Cut each celery leg in half (so the pieces are all about three to four inches long).
  • Cut a small sliver off each side of each part of the celery to serve as the antennae.
  • Place the hummus (or cream cheese, or nut butter) into a small Ziploc bag with the corner snipped. Pipe the spread into the grove of each celery piece.
  • Place a pair of mini pretzels together with the round ends up, into the hummus mixture. This represents the wings.
  • Cut each raisin in half and place 2 pieces on one end of each piece of celery to represent the eyes.
  • Take the small pieces of celery and insert them above the eyes to act as the antennae.

4. Fish in a Pond

Rice cake, cream cheese and blue food coloring, Goldfish

5. Apple Bites

Sliced Apples, Slivered almonds or Marshmallows

6. Fun with Ritz

7. Ice Cube Tray Variety! ( I love this idea!)

8. Frog Bites

Apples, Peanut Butter, Grapes, 2 Chocolate Chips

9. Animal Pitas and Hummus (Genius!)

Pitas, Hummus, Cookie Cutters

10: Boiled Egg Fun

11.. And of course the old fashioned fruit kabobs and ants on a log were my faves as a wee tot.

Ok, I see a theme here- kids want to eat things with eyes!  I’ll try that tonight with Braxton’s green beans.  And I’m TOTALLY making a butterfly bite for myself later:)


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