Fun with Waterrrr!

Today’s Training: I did my cross day today- kickboxing it was:)

In honor of water day today- here is a super easy cool little experiment to do w a toddler!  I did this last night, and it kept Braxton (and me) occupied for…10 whole minutes!  He stared in awe:)  Behold.  I will call it “Water Art of Spectacularness.”

Just fill a glass with room temperature water.  Pour about an inch layer of oil on top.  Add a few drops of food coloring!  That’s it!  Wait a couple of minutes, and the colors start dropping one by one:)  So neat. So easy.  Captivating for a tot!  🙂

Water water everywhere- lots of drops to drink!  Hydrating- a very important little part of the equation for the runner.  But how much?!  Why?!  What?!  So many W’s!

I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum- I have consumed too much, I have consumed too little (we’re talking about WATER here!).  Nowadays, I drink when I’m thirsty. Anything over and hour-around 8 miles- I usually need a drink. More or less depending on the heat.  Running aside, make sure you’re drinking water all day long anyways (my goal every day: Clear pee.  Blunt, but true)!  It will keep you full, healthy, and glowing!  Afterall, we are 60-70% water!

Why hydrate?  Many reasons.  Numero uno- we are not camels (well I am a little).  We lose water and must replenish soundly.  It will help prevent cramping and stitches.  Dehydration can slow you down- some studies even suggest it makes you faster if you’re hydrated before you run!  Woo hoo, I’ll take it!  Drink cold drinks to keep that body temp lower for a hot run.

If I were a camel, I would be this one.  I would call myself Fanny.

How to know how much to drink?  The formula:

Weigh yourself without clothes and shoes prior to going out for a one hour run.
-Mark it down and also include the temperature and humidity.
-Run at planned race pace for one hour.
-Keep track of how many ounces of fluid you drank while running.
-After the run, dry yourself off and weigh yourself again without shoes and clothes.
-Subtract this weight from the starting weight to determine pounds lost.
-Every pound lost = 16 ounces of fluid.
-Add in any fluid ounces you drank while running.

Even when you feel like you want to gulp an entire gallon- don’t.  You just need little sips, or it will slush around in your belly and make you uncomfortable.  I learned this when I ran my first marathon!  Some studies have even shown that in exercise less than an hour, even just swishing it around in your mouth can do the trick!

What and When to drink?

Exercise less than an hour, if anything, water is just fine.  Longer than that, sure add in a sports drink if you want.  With sweat, your body loses electrolytes- replace them.  If you prefer gels, follow it with water- too much sugar can make you sick!  I usually take a gel for anything over 10 miles, and chase it with a little water.   There are a TON of gels out there, and they’re all different.  I’d say experiment with them until you find what you like.  My favorite?  Chocolate GU.  It’s like a candy bar mid-run!

I typically don’t use sports drinks, but it all depends on how I feel and the weather.  Each day might be different.   It’s all up to you, really.  My rule of thumb- water for my easy runs, gels and/or sports drinks for my toughies.  You don’t HAVE to stop at every water stop during the race.  Just stop if you’re thirsty.

How do I carry it?

Where do I put a water bottle?  Well, you can buy a belt (not comfortable to me), or a water bottle that clasps to your hand.  My personal preffered method is setting out water stops (Ex, Mendon), around where I’m running.  I used to run from my Mom’s house around town, and I went out early and set water bottles every few miles- worked like a charm (Yes, I picked up after myself!).  Now, I’ll space my runs around water fountains.  I don’t hold issue with carrying things- so I carry my gels until I need them.  If that bothers you, opt for the belt.  Or a pocket.  Another great option is that you can carry someone on your back to hand you things as you need them.

Bottom Line?  Drink when you’re thirsty- and stay hydrated before, during, and after your run.  Pay attention to the weather (heat) as that changes what you need.  And finally,  Want to know THE BEST post-race beverage?!  An ice cold beer!  I didn’t look up scientific proof of its benefits, and I don’t care.  Nothing beats it- run the Boilermaker and you’ll know!  And if you’re running a marathon and they offer beer at mile 23- take that sh** (my mom reads this) and savor it- you have 3 miles left!!  Cheers!


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