Half Marathon- check. Friends Racing- Check. Clear his throat man- ugh.

I learned recently what a “carrot” in relation to running is.  Apparently, some men call “hot” girls a carrot during their races- and this girl makes them either run faster or slower- whatever it takes to stay behind her. In any case, she keeps him going.  Good to know, I’ll be sure to file this in my archives of I don’t really care about this.

They probably are talking about Miley, right?

Labor Day Weekend, SO much to do, so many people to see, so much food to eat!!  For the purpose of this blog, though, I’ll write about the running stuff.  Unless you want to hear all about the pasta salad at the family picnic?  No?  Alright, I’ll spare you.  It was good!

I just arrived home from a 5 mile recovery run with Mr. Braxton himself.  A recovery run after running the Oak Tree Half Marathon yesterday morning, that is!

When running in any race, I never have a goal to actually win anything.  Honestly, I just hope to finish every race thinking “I did the best I could- I could not have run any faster than that.”  The fact that I place once in a while is just a happy sidenote- and this race I did.  But let’s tell the story of every mile first, because, why not?

Miles 1-3.  I was GREAT.  This is easy, it’s cool out, here we gooooo!!

Miles 3-6.  All dirt road with a TON of rolling hills facing the sun.  I wasn’t a happy camper, and I started to doubt that I would make a personal record.

Miles 6-9.  Well, what goes up must come down, and this was on the parralel road of the previous said dirt road, so it was mostly downhill, with a cool wind!  I sprinted it!

Mile 9.  I cried.  Yep.  I’m serious.  There was a little boy at this point and he yelled to his mom, “MOMMY, LOOK!  I see Daddy!  There he is!!”  Instant tears, because with adrenaline comes emotions, and I could only think about Braxton saying that about me one day.  Compose yourself, Jeannine!

Mile 10-12.  I had to compose myself because this pretty much was uphill on a dirt road THE ENTIRE WAY.  It was both extremely steep and lasted what seemed like 34 miles.  It was one, but NOT. FUN.  I was gasping and came very close to walking it.  The ONLY upside- I ran the entire thing while most did walk- so this is where I caught a LOT of people.

Mile 12-13.  The joy ride.  I sprinted home, around the track, to the finish line to the most amazing crowd of support, my friends, my husband, and my son!  One friend yelled “GO JEANNINE GO, BRAXTON IS WAITING FOR YOU AT THE END.”  Tears, again.  Oy.

Me.  Mile 9.  Mess.

And I must mention two things. One, I made every single water cup into a provided garbage can!!  I never accomplish this no matter how hard I try, so I’m obviously going to go ahead and try out for pro basketball next.

And two.  Clear his throat man.  Now, I love him as a runner, but DEAR HEAVEN AND EARTH I just wanted him away from me.  But no, clear his throat man was the same damn pace as me the entire race.  And he cleared his throat.  Every. Thirty. Seconds.  Sometimes more.  I slowed down at one point just so he’d get away.  But then he caught me, the sneak.  He’s lucky he walked that last hill so I could run away and stay away, because boy was I ready to tell him to just spit ALREADY and STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!  Actually, he may be the reason I ran so fast!  I was thanking him at the finish line:)  Poor guy.  He did awesome!

Due to the fact that this was a smaller race, and I busted my balls- I did win something.  I won first place in my age group and fourth female overall!  I received a jar of almond butter, bragging rights, and honestly couldn’t be happier!  I beat my old PR by 9 minutes and made a…

New half marathon PR- 1:39:47.  Yes!!  Now just to kick ass in the marathon….

But enough about me.  Onto the real stars of Sunday- my friends.  My boss, Karen ran her first half marathon, and one of my best friends since Kindergarten, Marianne, ran her first 5k along with her husband.  While running my own race, I thought about them a lot.  I was so proud of them both.  They had kept me updated with their training, and both said something like “thanks for being inspiring” or “thanks for the support” afterward Honestly, they are the inspiration.  I literally could feel the excitement they felt of finishing their first race of this distance.  They deserve every moment to bask in their achievements.

Ready to RUN!
Karen all finished!!Since Kindergarten!

Marianne ran her 5k and made the goal she had set for herself!  And Derrick was right there with her to keep her going- what a great guy!  Karen ran her half marathon (and I will attest to her, this was a TOUGH half marathon) and finished seriously looking just as fabulous as I see her every day at work!  And now she can get her sticker;)

Marianne kept saying, “Well, I’m just running a 5k…” Just a 5k, Mar?  That’s 3.1 miles.  You just beat every single person who was laying in their beds or waking up with a hangover.  You bet your ass you just ran a 5k.  You are amazing.

Sunday.  One of the best days I’ve had in a while.  I was with my family, my friends (also congrats to everyone in the running group who ran- the guys I aspire to be one day), and I was running.  I also got to eat free pizza.  Running just makes me happy, what can I say?  Sharing it with people makes it that much better.

The other best part of the day?  I brought my little boy up to get my prize with me.  Afterall, he’s the reason I am where I am right now.  That little boy is my carrot.

My carrot in a boat<3


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