The man I couldn’t do it without<3

Today: Cross Day- Yoga Yoga Yoga!  I don’t love it as much as my sista, but boy it feels good! 🙂

You know what?  I just can’t understand how I’ve written 50-some posts without one about my husband- Brian Patrick the Great.  He’s been mentioned in conjunction with Braxton numerous times, but not individually.  He deserves individually!  I guess it’s because it’s sometimes easy to take advantage of him- to get so wrapped up in life– that I forget just how important he is in my life and everything he does.  I forget to tell him thank you.  That’s not an excuse, it’s just reality.  I realized that this weekend at the race.

Afterall, he’s been a part of my running career ever since my first step out the door- actually, I’m pretty sure he bought my first pair of running shoes (“You bought me sneakers for Easter!”).  That was when we were just a mere 16 years old.  He used to try and try to get me to run farther than just one mile- but I WOULD NOT DO IT!  Boy did I resist! When I went away to college, I was too afraid to run alone yet- so I only ran on weekends with him when he came to visit.  When he joined me a year later, we ran together (as well as Emily, my second fantastic running partner), and we completed our first half marathon together in 2006 (and quite a few since).  He doesn’t like me to beat him, so he sprinted his little heart out to beat me!  But he made me sprint too, so it was cool.  We checked those results for old times’ sake last night- 1:56ish.  I’m almost positive that if he went to run even right now, he’d be faster than me- he’s just a good runner always.  When I ran my first marathon, he came home early from his beloved yearly mountain trip with the guys just to be there for me. 

He continued to run with me throughout my entire pregnancy-just us and the pup every morning.  He’s taken the back seat to running lately (by choice, believe me), and though I’d love to see him get back into it, I can appreciate all that he does do.  I wouldn’t be able to be training for anything without him.  Hopefully he’ll be running again with me soon (he said he was inspired at the race- and I think he wants to see how fast he can run again), but I’ll stick to beating him in Rummikub for now;)

I think the story that sticks out to me the most is when I was in labor with little b.  I was not having a good time (strange), and I yelled, “OH MY GOD THIS IS HARDER THAN A FREAKING MARATHON!”  My midwife said, “You never told me you’ve run a marathon!  You can do this, then!”  I said screamed, “I DID HORRIBLE IN MY MARATHON!”  And my wonderful Brian said, “Babe, you finished, didn’t you?  You did awesome.  You can do this.”  Out of the entire time I was in there- this part of it will always be vivid in my Mind’s Eye.  Brian calmed me down that easily.  He has that in him- he’s so calm and can equalize me in an instant.  I need that balance, because I sure can be difficult. 

I was awful angry with him for forgetting my camera in the car (on purpose, I just know it) at the race, but I was also so grateful for him this weekend, and always.  Bri and Brax are both at every race waiting for me at the finish line (and at home waiting for me at the door), and it is both of them that put a smile on my sweaty face.  Bri has never one time so much as mumbled when I go out for my run- he’s so incredibly supportive.  When I finished this race with my new personal record, he said “Holy crap babe, nice job!”  Believe me, that’s excitement from my Bri!  He was honestly so proud of me, and it made me proud.

I know it’s very Hallmark of me to say, but seeing him become a father made me fall in love with him all over again.  He’s taken that job on like a pro.  Sure, the “You change the diapers please” and “babe, your turns” come a little too often.  But he loves me.  And he loves that boy.  He does anything to make us comfortable and happy.  He’s the hardest working person I know- at work and at home.  I’m sorry it took me this long to get there in my writing.

So babe, when you read these posts, I hope you know how much you are a part of every one.  My life and everything in it would not be possible without you.  Thank you for it all.  I love you.

I’m pretty sure Braxton- (and my Grandma)- agree he’s a pretty fantastic daddy.  Especially at picnics! 🙂

So this one’s for you, Babe.  Just you!  But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the dishes tonight!  It’s your turn!


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