Enjoying a Little Setback

Mondays are dumb.  I miss my boy.  I don’t feel good.  I’m a grump. 

Me.  Today.

Oh today.  Our alarm didn’t go off and I woke up with 15 minutes to get myself and baby ready.  And THEN I proceeded to spill my hot oatmeal alllll over the floor.  Not only the floor though, my foot too- burning it and causing me to yell a swear word I’m sure glad Brax was upstairs to not hear.  My head is pounding, my chest is tight and rotten, and I’m blowing my nose like a faucet.  Yes, it sure is a case of the Mondays over here in Jeannine land.

This weekend, however, was fantastic.   Fantastic aside from running, that is.  I spent time with my family and did all sort of fun things- the Palmyra Canal Days, a parade, and Power’s Farm Market:)  I also enjoyed eating many giant cookies.  I love weekends like that!

As for running, though, this weekend I was lazy.  I know, I know- lazy is a relative term.  But for me, I was lazy.  I can feel my body fighing some sort of Fall cold-like thing- so I decided to increase the oranges and lower the miles.

I had all intentions of getting up Saturday morning to run with the group. I planned to run a 20 miler this weekend so I could taper next.  Then I would run a recovery five on Sunday.  That’s what would have happened in a perfect world.

However, in my world, that did not happen.  I was up at 5:30 Saturday morning to meet the group in Mendon. I felt tired and lousy.  It was not going to happen.  Back into bed I went until Brax woke up.  I ended up taking him in the stroller for a leisurely 5 miles later on.  And when I say leisurely, I mean it.  We stopped at the park to play, and a couple garage sales along the way.

Sunday morning Brian was up early to do some odd jobs for people around town (such a good guy, that one)- so I was in bed, again, until b awoke.  I ended up going for a quick 8 mile run later in the day.  I ran it fast, but I felt like crap.  My legs were incredibly sore, I was breathing heavy, and I just wanted to be done. 

Every time some sort of sickness creeps up on me, this is what happens. I run lousy.  It discourages me and I think “Alright, you’re not going to be able to run a marathon, Dummy.”

But then I remember that every plan has its setbacks.  I need to be realistic and expect that everything isn’t going to be peaches and berries all the time.  I can only expect so much from my body; and I also need to remember how lucky I am with everything else in my life.  Sometimes I think my body likes to remind me, HEY YOU- there’s more to this weekend than a long run!  Let’s take it easy!”

I’m listening, body.  You’re right.  Thanks for the reminder, I needed it.  But let’s remember, I still do have a race in 33 days.  So let’s fight this whateveritis, take some R&R…and then get back on schedule!

But until then, I’m enjoying the extra cuddle time w my boys<3

…And some shopping with Grams<3

…And lots of time with my Sister<3

Alright.  I guess setbacks aren’t so bad, afterall<3

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