The Best Running Songs Ever…My Playlist, if I Had One

Happy Happy rainy Tuesday!  My do I feel LOADS better from yesterday!  I know, you were awful worried.  Calm down calm down, whatever sickness I was contracting has decided to run away with the birds- Sayonara I say!  I went out for a five mile run last night and it felt great!  Legs were fine and breathing was smooth and steady!  Woohoo!  Today I’ll bust out a Jillian and kick my muscles into high gear for cross day.  They need it after their little siesta.

What can I write about today? I kept thinking.  I’ve touched on many aspects of running, but one I have not is the ever important playlist.  For a few years now, I have stopped wearing an iPod while I run- I prefer to listen to the sound of my pounding feet, my panting, and the peaceful Fairport train and traffic.  Or the bikers coming from behind on the canal with the constant, “On your left!”  Ahh, serenity!  Honestly, it’s just the way I like to run these days. 

HOWEVER.  When I did bring music along with me, these are the songs that would push me to keep going that extra mile, or running just a little faster, when I felt like stopping.  Infact, music can help you run better- especially if it has a beat that helps you run with a faster stride.  So by all means, if it helps you run- take it along.  As I’ve said before, I reached the Runner’s High a few times thanks to the aid of musica. 

My playlist is probably outdated (and yes, some are ceratinly before my time).  I haven’t run to any of the new songs traveling through the radio waves lately.  But I still don’t think I’d change much- the classics are the best. So without further hesitation, here they are, the best running songs in all the world (in my opinion):

1. Animal– Def Leopard

2. Thunderstruck– ACDC

3. Dragula– Rob Zombie

4. Eminem– Lose Yourself (duh)

5. VooDoo– Godsmack

6. Anything Flo Rida

7. Pink Houses– John Mellancamp

8. Time For Me to Fly– REO Speedwagon

9. California Girls– Katy Perry

10. Runnin’ Down a Dream– Tom Petty

11. All These Things That I’ve Done– The Killers

12. I Run for Life– Melissa Etheridge (cliche, but fantastic song)

13. Let’s Get it Started– Black Eyed Peas

14. Let’s Talk about Sex– Salt ‘N’ Pepa (seriously)

15. We Didn’t Start the Fire– Billy Joel (be cool and try to learn all the lyrics as I did)

16. Girlfriend– Avril Levigne

17. Bittersweet Symphony– The Verve

18. The Climb– Miley Cyrus (yes, it’s true.)

19. Love and Memories– OAR

20. Stronger– Kanye West

21. Let it Rock– Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil’ Wayne

22. Brat Pack– The Rocket Summer

23. Fat Lip– Sum 41

24. Kanye’s Workout Plan.  Because of Kanye, I can tuck my tummy tight and do my crunches like this.

25. One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians– Braxton Staples’  Toy

That’s it! My picks for the top 25 running songs out there.  Add them to your own favorite workout playlist and get moving!  Or at the very least, download them and rock out in your living room while wearing a long t-shirt and tall socks and munching on some popcorn.  Not that I ever do that….

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