20 Miles Done! Now I Can Run a Marathon…Right?!

BRrrrRrr!  Brax woke up around 6 this morning.  I didn’t want to, so I brought him into bed with us and we all stayed warm under the covers for a liiittle too long.  Braxton asked if he could call into daycare (he’d call our jobs for us),  but unfortunately that just wasn’t a possibility.  So up we all had to get to rush around out the door into the…cold.  So begins another Monday.

Brian’s Favorite

This weekend was a long run weekend.  I welcomed Saturday bright and early with 20 miles.  I met the group at 6:30am in Mendon- in the dark, pouring rain.  Nothing says “Come Run!” like Mother Nature when she’s showering the world.  I knew I had to get the miles in then or I wouldn’t do it.  So for a little less than three hours, for two loops and one out and back- I ran non stop for twenty miles.  I wish I could say it was easy, because the weather (temperature-wise) was perfect.  The rain even helped.  My breathing was fine, but my legs started cramping around mile 15.  It made me very very mad.  I wondered by the time I ended if I could have run 6.2 more miles.  Probably, but not happily.  Dammit!  I need a good twenty miler to make me feel confident for this race!  I looked up leg cramping, and I’m going to take a Cal-Mag supplement from now until race day, up my banana intake, and make sure I’m drinking enough.  These three things are supposed to help.  I sure hope so!

Feeling crampy?  Up your calcium, magnesium, potassium, and drink drink drink.

The good thing about my training plan is that I have two twenty mile runs planned before my big race- so that should prepare me very well.  Also- my new shoes should be arriving today!  My current babies are pretty well-worn (over-worn, actually).  That probably contributed to my uncomfortable legs.  These shoes will be my marathon shoes- ahhh!  Are they up for it?!  Only time will tell…26 days to be exact.

Yesterday I ran a very slow recovery five and felt fine. I could not have asked for a more beautiful day.  Today I’ll take Brax out in the stroller for a quick, flat 5 on the canal.  We both need the fresh air:)

I know I can run a marathon right now– that’s not my worry.  It’s the speed thing- the qualifying for Boston thing– that has me a little nervous.  A half marathon is just that; half of what I need to accomplish.  Keeping up my speed for twice that long might prove a little difficult as far as I’m seeing in my current long runs.  I have 26 days to feel better about it.  Am I giving up on my dream to qualify?  Absolutely not.  But I’m even more so just looking to run a comfortable race and to have fun.  Because above all else, I will never take the fun out of my running- that’s why I run.  I slow down when I feel like it because I want to be happy while I’m on the road.  As soon as it becomes more of a chore- I need to take a step back (literally).  For now, training is still fun- and this race will be fun.  Qualifying or not- I want to enjoy all 26.2 miles as much as I can.

Now I must go have some fun at work.  The old people aren’t going to exercise themselves.  While Bri has fun at work saving people money.  And Brax has fun with all of his little friends, eating their little snacks at an impossibly tiny table with impossibly teenier chairs; learning their manners, giggling, and playing. 

But I’ll meet you guys tonight- say 8pm- big bed- under the covers- with a copy of “Goodnight Moon” and some cocoa <3


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