My Fun Creation- A Full Body Workout Routine:)

Way back yonder ago, I used to “train” one of my good friends at her house.  She shall remain nameless (Ashley)- but I had a lot of fun doing it.  I’m certainly not a personal trainer, but Jillian is, so I used a lot of her moves to get this said friend moving and grooving.  She cursed my name every single time, but it worked her the hell out!  I will include a picture of her when she was finished.  She asked me never to ever show anyone…but…I need to get the point across.  Behold:

See, it’s impossible for her to look bad anyways.  These days I create exercise routines for old people- a little on the lesser scale of course.  But I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find a ton of amazing older folks who can run circles around me any day! 

I’m going to take all of my favorite moves from my Jillian workouts and summarize them into my own little full body workout here.  The entire thing can be done right in your own living room, or your backyard, or on your kitchen table if you want it broken.

I really love how Jillian does Circuit workouts (Ok, it’s clear I just enjoy all things Jill)- they’re what I do every cross day- so that’s how I’m going to design this.  Each circuit will begin with a cardio move, followed by some strength moves.  Perform the cardio moves faster, and the strength moves a bit slower (as form is most important in avoiding injuries and in making sure the correct muscles are worked).  Feel absolutely free to tweak this to your own fitness level. 

1. Make it easier by modifying it (Don’t go as deep, do less reps, repeat the circuits only once).

2. Make it harder by adding weights, adding reps, or adding circuits. 

3. Choose a few of the exercises to try in your daily routine.

4. Just look at all the fun pictures and don’t try it at all.

My thoughts would be to do this little workout three times each week on top of a regular cardio routine (or whenever you freakin’ feel like it).  And always remember- how you eat is 80% of the howmybodylooks equation.  But in any case, here goes my attempt at a workout plan…

Warm Up:

Three Sun Salutations

Circuit One (Repeat Twice):

Cardio- 15 Burpees (Jump at the top for even more of a workout)

12 Traveling Push Ups (With or without ball)

20 Jumping Lunges (Alternating Sides- add weight if you want)

20 Russian Twists (Alternating Sides- add weight if you want)

Circuit 2 (Repeat Twice):

Cardio- 30 Jumping Jacks (Add weights if you want)

Cardio- 30 Jumpropes (Without a rope- add weights if you want)

15 Push up Jacks

20 Jump Squats (Add weights if you want)

20 Plank Twists (Alternating Sides)

Circuit 3 (Repeat Twice):

Cardio- 30 High knees (Alternating- the faster, the higher, the better!)


Cardio- 30 Butt Kicks (Make it snappy!)

10 Supermans

20 Plie Hops (Add weights if you want)

20 Side Plank Lifts (10 on each side- add a weight if you want)

Cool Down:

Three Sun Salutations

(See Above)

This should hit just about all parts of your body in a quick routine.  Have fun with it!  Hopefully, if you’re lucky,  you’ll look just as wonderful as Ashley my friend when you’re finished! 


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