Quotes that Keep Me Going

Today’s Training: 6 mile run around town w my little man.  It was actually humid this morning, but still comfortable.  And now on to our Wednesday Adventure w Great Grandma<3

I’m always finding quotes I love and I forget to write them down.  Then I try to repeat them somewhere, and I think, “Crap, what was that quote?”  Alright, it doesn’t happen that often, but I’m sure one day Braxton will be asking me for running quotes instead of lullabys.  No?  Well, I still want to write them down to remind me why I love every little tiny baby thing about running.  I hope they’ll inspire you, too.

1. “Anybody can be a runner. We were meant to move. We were meant to run. It’s the easiest sport.”
–Bill Rodgers

2. “I run because it’s so symbolic of life. You have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles. You might feel that you can’t. But then you find your inner strength, and realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought.”
– Arthur Blank

3. “Running is not, as it so often seems, only about what you did in your last race or about how many miles you ran last week. It is, in a much more important way, about community, about appreciating all the miles run by other runners, too.”
– Richard O’Brien

4. ” My feeling is that any day that I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy.”
– John Bryant

5. “You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back.”

6. “If you really want something, you will make it happen.  If you do not, you will make excuses.”

7. “I always loved running…it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs.”
-Jesse Owens

8. “Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you’re young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don’t let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself.”
-John Bingham

9. “We run, not because we think it is doing us good, but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves…The more restricted our society and work become, the more necessary it will be to find some outlet for this craving for freedom. No one can say, ‘You must not run faster than this, or jump higher than that.’ The human spirit is indomitable.”
-Sir Roger Bannister

10. “The only way of finding the limits of possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.”
-Arthur C. Clarke

11. “I tell our runners to divide the race into thirds. Run the first part with your head, the middle part with your personality, and the last part with your heart.”
-Mike Fanelli

Happy Wednesday!


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