Fun Marathon Stuff:)

Taper week one continues!  5 miles w b in the stroller yesterday- 4 miles tonight.  Slowly– no pace or tempo runs again until race day for me.  I’m taking it super easy to rest these legs so they shall perform at peak on the 21st…oorr so I hope. 

Yesterday we also got some great news- b’s iron levels are way up and he’s healthy as an ox (are ox’s healthy?)!!  Woo hooo!  PLUS our little peanut FINALLY hit 20 pounds- bring on the fooood!   

Well I thought today I’d share a few posters I’ve come across.  The first is how your body trains for a marathon, the second is a little fun compilation about the power us crazy runners emit, and the third is an article about nutrition the day before a marathon (and even more if you click on the link).  The fourth is a fantastic picture of a certain cute child frolicking on the playground.  Enjoy!

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Marathon Nutrition

Day Before:

1. Only eat foods that you are used to eating.

2. Pace your calories throughout the day.  Eat three meals and 2-4 snacks (peanut butter and jelly sandwich, muffin and an apple, etc.)

3. Add extra carbohydrates throughout the day. This can easily be done by adding an extra serving of carbohydrates to every meal and having a couple of snacks that are mostly carbohydrates.  Focus on rice, pasta, bread, bagels, oatmeal, cereal, potatoes, and yams…not high sugar snack foods.

4. Don’t eat a huge serving of pasta and bread right before you head to bed!!

  • Eat an early dinner, somewhere between 4-6 pm.
  • Eat a dinner that similar to what you would normally eat the night before a hard long run or workout.
  • While pasta is a good form of pre-race carbohydrates, you could also have rice, pizza (with little to no cheese), sweet potatoes, potatoes, tortillas, etc.
  • In addition to carbohydrates, include in your meal moderate protein (3-4 oz fish, meat or tofu), moderate amounts of unsaturated fat (1/2 avocado, 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil, Salmon is also a source of unsaturated fat, 2 Tablespoons salad dressing, etc.) and a small salad.
  • Eat a moderate sized dinner and then a moderate sized snack before bed (this could be leftovers from dinner) rather than one large meal.  If you eat too much food right before bed you will have trouble digesting in before your early morning race.
  • PRACTICE! Try eating your preferred pre-race meal a few times leading up to your marathon to make sure that the your stomach does not get upset on your run the next morning.

5. Drink a little extra water throughout the day (around 1 liter) to accommodate for the extra carbohydrates that you are consuming.  Don’t drink sports drinks or other high sugar beverages to hydrate, save these drinks for the race!

My big 20 pounder celebrating w some fresh air at the park:)


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