Sick Babies Make Me Sad. Marathons Make Me Nervous.

It seems life has become even more busy with a one year old.  Yesterday I stayed home with that one year old- he’s sick as a baby can be.


The downfall of daycare- he catches everything.  And little b has a Reactive Airway Disease, which means every time he catches a virus, he starts wheezing (I guess asthma, but he should grow out of it they say).  So out came the nebulizer, the humidifier, Kleenex, and lots and lots of hugs.  I do not like seeing my boy in so much pain.  So I do what I can do take it away short of being a magical fairy.  I did try using a stick as a wand while chanting “Abra Cadabra you are better!”  He’s not much better, but it made him laugh, so I’ll take it.  I guess we’ll have to stick with old fashioned time for the sick thing.  We’ll also spend much time in the bathroom with lots of steam- I mean, what’s more fun than that?

I seee you, Mommy!

As for running, I’ve learned more about my running self in these taper days.  That I am absolutely a mid-distance runner.  As much as I don’t LOVE getting up for a 20 mile run, I don’t love 3 mile runs either- I just want to run how I feel, not what a dumb plan tells me to (do I sound bitter?).  Saturday was a 3 miler, and I was craving more than that.  Sunday was a slow 8 miler.  I’m really trying to rest my legs as much as possible.  This is hard for me- I want to move constantly.  I am ready for this little race to be overwith so I can just run what I want already! 

I am excited, though.  All my hard work put to the test- that’s what we do it for.

Did I mention that little race is 4 days away?  Am I ready- well I just got butterflies when I wrote that- so yes, absolutely!  I have found it keeping me up at night thinking, Crap, I really have to run thisShit’s real, man.  If only I never started a stupid blog to document it….which is exactly why I did- so I would actually train for and run this thing.  I can’t let my reader down!  And I won’t.  Syracuse, ready or not, here I come.

What I do when I think about running 26.2 miles

Well that’s the weekend update over here in my little corner of the world.  Now time to call my mama (who’s babysitting boy today) 26.2 times to make sure he’s doing ok without my magic wand…and to keep my nerves at bay until Sunday morning! 


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