Let the Training Begin!!

Hello there!!  So much has changed in two years!!  My hair is a mess, my husband is the proud co-owner of a can redemption center, I am going to be 30 in October (a whole new AGE bracket!), I no longer enjoy my coffee super sweet, I kind of enjoy bird watching (I mean, how badass are Blue Jays?!), Braxton will be 3 this year (WHAT?!).

 Hmmm, I think that might be it, really.

Oh. Well, maybe there’s one more tiny, but getting bigger by the day, little beautiful thing…………..

My Charlotte


I now have TWO little people in my life to runaround!!

This sweet princess joined our family in December and things have been busy/crazy/wonderful/fun/insane/SOmanymoreadjectives since!  I will write allll about this life with two kids, of course.  But amidst all the craziness that is my life right now, running is still a huge part of the glue that holds me together.  So for that reason, I am committing to run my third marathon in Philadelphia this November.  And I’m terrified I can’t wait!  Mom asked me if I was going to write about my training for this one, and I wasn’t sure- I am now divided even more (both babies napping at the same time, forgeddaboutit).  As with running, finding time to write won’t be as easy (and I may have fewer entries and a lot more spelling errors in my haste). But I am going to try for a few reasons:

1. Even if there is just ONE person invested in this (Mom, you doll), when I share it, I feel obligated to actually train and run and push and finish.  It keeps me honest.

2. I love to write. It’s like a little escape to Sunset Beach with a cold beer, Kenny Chesney, and my feet up when the babies are finally actually fully asleep at night…hopefully.

3. I printed out my training blog from Syracuse and put it in Braxton’s baby book.  I look back at it all the time.  It was a few months of his life nicely packaged like his own personal tiny boy shrine.  Hopefully he will at least entertain looking at it one day too, and thinking, “My mom is kind of crazy, but she loves the crap out of me!”.  I think Charlotte deserves the same attention- although, as the second child, she’ll have to share it with her brother:)

So here we are; my first entry of many to come on this journey.  I finished The Empire State Marathon in Syracuse just shy of 4 minutes of qualifying for Boston in 2011.  My goal this time is to shave those minutes off and go on a nice family vacation to Boston next April.  I am going to try like hell- with the help of some super cute babies and the most supportive husband in creation as my motivators<3

One Mile

I am following Hal Higdon’s Personal Best Marathon plan again and I am currently in my 8th week of this 30 week program.  Hills, tempos, Fartleks, kids, very mean geese, and coffee now consume my early mornings!  I wouldn’t have it any other way<3  Let the training BEGIN!


Ahhh, life<3


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