Running with Two

First things first.  My Lottie is 6 months old today.
How exactly is my baby already a half-year old?! 

100_2144Hi Beauty!  You can slow down now!

Today’s Training: The plan was five miles, so I decided since Bri and I are both home with the kids on Wednesdays, why not take Braxton along with me for a ‘Run Date’ (he honestly gets excited to come with me still.  I love that!).  Because five miles w the single stroller is cake, right?!

Nope.  That run was zero percent easy.  I was panting and sweating halfway through like a small hound.  I’m a genius and did an out-and-back on the canal, so I had to finish. I really tried to keep my pace between 8:30-9, but I had to stop a few times (some at Braxton’s flower requests, some because I was dying).  Brax is into the “Why’s” now, so most of our run went like this:

Me: “Ok Bud, we’re going to turn here.”
Brax: “Why?”
Me: “Because the canal is flat.”
Brax: “Why?”
Me: “Because that’s how they built it.”
Brax: “Why?”
Me: “Because they needed a way to ship things on boats.”
Brax: “Why?”
Me: “Because boats are swell.”
Brax: “Why?”
Me: “Look!  A male duck!”

So that was fun!  Now when I run my marathon I will be absent-mindedly asking “why” to everything I see.  “Why do men run in Speedos with the bib attached to their bottom?  Why did I pick a fruity Gu?  Why did I decide to do this again?!”

Such is life with a preschooler.

Find out why kids always ask lots of questions:

Now onto a little bit about those first few months with two kids.

I heard a quote once:
“One is none, two is ten, three is a football field.”

In relation to what, you ask?  Squirrels, of course.

And kids.  This quote is true.  So very true.  Life with just one more seems ten times more busy than before.

In the weeks leading up to my little girl actually being here, I started to get anxiety over Brax not being my only baby.  I actively cherished every single second I had left with just him.  We made cookies, frequented coffee shops, had special lunches and walks.  I took every nap I could with him (and stared for long times at him like a freak). I was so nostalgic about him, and I’ll only blame a little bit of it on pregnancy hormones.

When I brought Lottie home from the hospital, I would lay with her- she between Brax and I- and I would cry.  Not because I didn’t love every 8lbs 5oz of her being, but because I was emotional and felt like I betraying Braxton in some way.  I watched him suddenly seem so grown up in that short time it was alarming. It was a whirlwind, and she needed SO much attention. Suddenly my own attention had to be split in two between two kids who wanted all of it.  Where one kid came somewhat “easily” to me, two kind of threw me for a loop.

Fitting running into this mix was tricky- because Braxton needed me in different ways than Charlotte did – and it was constant. It was exhausting.  As soon as I was done feeding her, Brax was asking me to play with him. There was no break like I was used to.  My maternity leave was during the coldest winter, so there was also no running with the kids.  I ran when Brian got home from work at night, but that quickly got old when I couldn’t spend those few precious hours with my family.

It was a big, crazy change for us.  More than we really imagined, I think.  But as the months fly by, things are easier.  There is finally some routine again and a lot more calm.  And without one single doubt, the love and pure joy Charlotte brings to our world is really worth all of it and anything.  Being blessed with a daughter and a son has been one of the most special gifts I have been given.  These two are my world.


So now that I have my bearings and my sleep, I usually am out running at 5am.  It’s my quiet Mommy time for the day.  Or I take the babies with me.  Maybe just one…or maybe both in the giant double stroller that takes up the entire sidewalk and looks like I’m pushing a miniature bus.

Those days might not be my best runs physically, like today, but they are some of my favorites.  My little ones may ask me “why” a whole lot, but they’re just reminding me to slow down, see the world, ask questions…and take time to stop and smell the roses:)

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