A Love Affair with My Shoes, Rainy Runs, and Hill Repeats

My entire family is sleeping right now on our beloved day off.  It’s rainy and so peaceful.  A good time to write quick!!  About exciting things like shoes and hills!!


My Sleeping Beauties!

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My new shoes came yesterday!!  When I get home and see that tell-tale package, I pee a little in my pants with excitement.  Kind of like a dog when their owner comes home.  It’s THAT level of thrill for me.  They’re the same pair as before, BUT THEY’RE A DIFFERENT COLOR!!  And new is new.  I was in mourning for a long time when they discontinued my Green Silences.  When I find a shoe I like, I will run in that and only that.  I tried the Brooks Pure Connect and I didn’t like them.  But then I found the Pure Drift…and the rest is history.  Hear that, Brooks…don’t discontinue these, please.  We are in love and will be getting married and spending the rest of our lives together.

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I mean, aren’t they stunning!?  Did YOU pee a little, too?!

Anyyyways, enough with the shoes.  Monday’s run with the kids was sticky.  Brax and I got into a small argument when he yelled at me for walking up a hill.  “RUN!!  This is not a hill Mommy.”  I’m not kidding, he said that with intention. I was so delirious I replied, “Oh yeah, kid, YOU push this thing up it and then get back to me!!”  He keeps me going, that’s for sure.  Charlotte was nice to me and slept the entire time.  So that was that.  Double stroller + Heat + Demanding Toddler = Exhausted Momma.  Then I had to cook dinner and Braxton cut up the veggies for me because I was doing this:

Tuesday’s are for hill repeats or sprints.  I’ve rekindled my love/hate relationship with the hills.  It was a MUGGY morning and I pretty much was depleted when I finished.  But I also felt like a bad. freaking. ass.  I have a very steep, long hill right by our house.  I repeated that sucker eight times.  This is my third time running hills since I started training, and I already can tell how much stronger it has made me.  I’ve been adding one repeat each time.  Summit Hill and I are becoming BFF- although I’m always acutely conscious of the neighbors watching me curiously as I climb up and down, up and down.  WHY are they up at 5am? Don’t they know that’s my hill time?!  I’m sure they’re thinking only nice things, like “she needs to get a hobby“, and “I should bring her some water, what the hell is that noise she’s making,”  and “Should I call an ambulance?”

hill repeats | Hill Repeats | Challenges | Tribesports

Today’s run was 6 miles in the drizzly morning…IN MY NEW SHOES!!  It was cooler but muggy.  Between the rain and the humidity, I was a sloppy mess when I got home.  I went to hug Brax- he took one look and said, “Ew Mommy all wet” and walked away.  So Sweet!  Lottie didn’t care, she took that wet hug and enjoyed every second.  Brian also found me disgusting- wonder where Brax gets it from.  I tried to keep it around marathon pace- 8:12/ mile and finished in about 48 minutes.  The entire run went GREAT!!  I finally felt back to being a happy runner again!  Here’s to a happy healthy 3 miler tomorrow morn! 🙂Running in the rain. http://blog.swell.com/SWELLivin-Rain-Running

And that’s all I have time for because I need to get in on this nap action!  I showered, so I’m probably allowed now.  Sometimes rainy days are pretty awesome:)

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