What Can Make Me Feel This Way? My Girl!

This weekend was FULL of being-a-parent events.  Friday night we had a picnic at the kids’ daycare, Saturday one of Brax’s buddies had a birthday party, and Sunday was Charlotte’s baptism.  I’m so glad old Hal made it an easy weekend in my training plan.  I think he knew I’d be busy and he’s just really a great guy like that.

Saturday was a rest day because Sunday’s schedule was an “8k race.”  Obviously I didn’t run a race- instead, I went out for a five-mile run fast before church.  My pace lingered around 7:20 minutes/mile, give a little.  It was a nice morning, as was today’s early morning recovery 3 mile run.  The geese left me alone today, too, so overall- a fantastic weekend for the little running it entailed!

The Funny Moms and Kids Blog: Mother and Daughter Quotes that makes you go awww..

I feel like I give Braxton so much love (and he deserves it because he’s truly the most amazing creature).  But Char needs some attention of her own! It’s just that my little man is at such a fun age- every day, he’s doing/saying/learning something new and fun and crazy.

“Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce.”

But so is Charlotte.

Maybe it’s not so much that she’s a girl, but being the second child, things just seem easier this time around.  Life with two kids is NOT easier, but I mean the everyday things that come with babies.  I don’t call the doctor immediately for everything; even when she was projectile spitting up every single time she ate in the beginning. I put her on the ground without a blanket more- gasp!  I’m not nervous when she cries in public or at church.  I let her have tastes of ice cream or yogurt before anything else because they’re freaking delicious. I know she’s going to crawl even if she doesn’t do tummy time for exactly FIVE minutes FIVE times each day. I kind of get to enjoy the baby more this time around because I’m not so obsessed with her milestones.  They’re special, but they come when they come- and they do come.

Growing up with my sister, I didn’t know “boy” toys- Brian helped with that- growing up with two brothers. I’ve learned more about diggers and monster trucks than I ever thought possible.  But with Charlotte, I’m already shopping for her. I want to find her all the fun things I played with.  Is it possible that my daughter will not like dolls and ponies and shiny dresses?  Absolutely!  And that’s totally fine- but right now, I’m living vicariously through her with the things I liked:

Especially the trolls.

After I had Braxton, I had this huge purging moment where I just got rid of everything I didn’t use anymore. But I purposely kept some crazy high heels, purses, and costume jewelry because I thought…what if I have a daughter?!

How weird that it happened.  She’s here…and she’s now six months old.

I take LOADS of pictures of my kids, but with her, I want to take one of every outfit because everything for little girls is adorable.  Even I feel like they’re dangerous to shop for, and I’m not a fashion savvy lady!

Now, in her first few months of life, she was MISERABLE.  I felt she may actually be the world’s most unhappy baby for a while.  She just didn’t know about this crazy world!

Fast forward to today- she is SO happy…sitting up and saying her first sounds…”bababa.” (Advanced, I know). I’m pretty sure I heard a “Mamama” the other day, too, much to Brian’s chagrin.  She belly laughs and flirts so much!  She loves her sweet potatoes and tolerates her avocados- her first foods.  She has the sweetest little smile, she sleeps all night, and she’s just a beautiful little joy.

Brax adjusted to her quite well. He was jealous and confused for a short time, making his way between us or being a little obnoxious when she got the attention.  He definitely has his moments when he tips her over just to see what happens or takes his toys away from her or believes she is grabbing him on purpose. But he also kisses her head and looks out for her, making sure she has her own toys or comes home with us when we leave places.  Just this morning, he was “feeding” her from his kitchen.  They’re going to be close, I really think that.  RIght now “Lollette is too little for that Mommy…”  Just wait, little man.

The other night I was working on putting her to sleep, which is SO much more difficult than Braxton was!! She is not a good transferer.  And now that I’m busier with laundry/dishes/thisandthat, I was kind of frustrated she wasn’t going down. I was nursing her and she kept stopping and looking up at me until I looked back. Then she would give me the biggest gummy smile. SUCH a flirt!  It’s hard to ALWAYS live in the moment, because we do have to get things done. But at that moment, I stopped and thought, “stop rushing this, you’re going to miss this so much in just a short time.”  So I stopped worrying for a bit and just watched her until she fell asleep.  Her little tiny lips, her fuzzy ears, her sweet hand tight around my finger, the little smiles and flinches in her face when she sleeps, her little tummy going up and down, her whispy reddish hair.

I feel so blessed to have a son and a daughter in my life.  They both bring us so much joy together and sperately as their own little people.  I thank God for them every single day<3

On a side note- just a huge thank you to my own amazing mom, who did so much to make Charlotte’s big day yesterday special.  One of the reason’s I knew I wanted a daughter is because of my relationship with my own mom.  You’re literally the best, Mom, and I love you.  I hope I can be the kind of mom to my daughter than you were to us<3




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