Learning My Lesson with New Things!!

This morning I went out for a 3.31 mile tempo run.  I kept a pace around 7:12 min/miles. I can tell you that accurately because I have a new Garmin and we’re best friends!

Learning my lesson from the Boilermaker, I now know I need to do things differently to prepare myself for running a marathon.  I follow my training plan, there is no problem there.  Unless there’s a race planned, I do not go out faster or longer than called for on that day.  I also eat and fuel myself well (mostly, but I love ice cream) and I am crazy about water drinking all day long.  There are three main things I believe I need to tweak a little bit to better prepare for this marathon and make it to Boston.

My Shoes:  I know, I know.  I just wrote a big sappy love letter about my shoes, but now that I’m running longer distances in them, I don’t think our relationship is going to work out after all.  They’re a very minimal shoe and I don’t like that as much as I thought (they kind of force me to land on my heel, which isn’t natural for me).  Finding the right pair of shoes is pretty damn important.  I miss my Green Silences so much. I decided to pull an old pair out and try them for six miles yesterday.  That I still have them is remarkable because I am a liiitle bit nutso about clutter.  This is a common scenario in my house:

Bri: Did my paycheck come today?
Me: Yes it sure did my amazingly glorious husband!  It’s on the counter.
Bri: Nooo, I looked there.  Did you throw it in the garbage?
Me: NO Brian, you need to look for it again. (Secretly goes out to the garbage to find paycheck covered in ketchup and mashed baby food.)
Me: Oh, here it is! It was on the outside table.  I guess they’re trying a new design.
Bri: Mmhmm.

Anyways, the Green Silences felt SO GOOD.  I didn’t have that weird aching pain I’ve been having with the Pure Drifts.  I had a suspicion it may have been a little their fault. So, back to the drawing board to find myself a new pair of shoes that compares to my long-lost discontinued loves.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Until then, I’ll run in the oldies.

I miss you guys:( 

The Garmin: Whenever there is a birthday or a Christmas and people ask me what I want, I say- running things.  A race, clothes, anything.  My sister dislikes this and never obliges (but I do end up with some nice things instead:).  For my big turning 30 birthday this year, I asked Bri for a new Garmin since my old one is basically a giant computer on my wrist (the 305) and it takes the entire run to find its satellites.  Last night, because he’s seriously great, he went out and bought it for me so I could start using it now!  It is the Garmin Forerunner10- perfect for what I need: small, not as expensive as most, and PINK!!  It found the location quick and it shows my pace, time, distance, and calories burned.  The only thing it lacks is a heart rate monitor, which I never use anyways.  Plus, new and colorful things are just really motivating.  I’m very excited:)


I say all the time I don’t like to run with a watch; and I don’t really.  I love to run how I feel and not constantly be checking my pace along the way.  But I really think the only way to get faster is to use it.  This morning proved that.  Yes, I watch the watch (ha) the entire time, but I also pushed the crap out of myself to keep on track.  I needed that.  My phone’s running app just isn’t accurate.  From one use, I can see this little pink watch helping already.  If you plan on running a race, I grudgingly recommend getting yourself something similar and falling in love with it.

Cross Training:  I mentioned how my belly has been hurting during runs.  Which makes my back hurt hurt.  And then my hips.  My entire core needs some attention, and it’s yelling it at me loud and clear.  Because I have been following Hal’s plan perfectly, he didn’t tell me to begin cross training until next week (I don’t think Hal knows about my baby).

My personal cross training focuses more on strengthening, and will be no different this time around.  It will consist of Jillian Michaels DVD’s on Mondays and probably some bonus tummy/back stuff a few times a week just to get them back in action.  I’ve heard it many times, but I never realized how connected the core is to running until now.  I’m not looking for a six-pack really. I just want to be stronger and faster in my runs. I found this workout that I plan to add a couple of times a week:


There we are, changes being made to my current training that everyone else already knows, but that I needed to figure out myself.  That’s how I am- I could hear it all day long, but I won’t believe it until I experience it.  I feel like now I can REALLY say- let the training begin!

I’ve been running after my three-year old for a while, but do you know what else will make me even faster now?

Displaying WP_20140712_002.jpg
Chasing after a 7 month old who is ready to crawl! 

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