Fun Runs and Friends

This morning was my first official day of cross training.  I know a lot of people take it much more seriously, but a workout video is enough for me.  Jillian’s workouts are not easy, though.  I was up at five and completed a video in the comfort of my little living room- swearing at the tv, despising the weights, and sweating like a hog.  Such fun!  I feel faster already….

haha love her - Jillian Michaels I really need her to motivate me!!

This weekend was awesome because it included a whole bunch of favorite things.  My training schedule called for a 45 minute tempo run Saturday and six miles Sunday, but as much as I love running, I love running with my babies even more.  So I tweaked the plan to fit everything in while still getting some sleep.  I ran six miles Saturday evening and a 5k race on Sunday.

Sunday morning we all woke up and headed to Seneca Park for the Jungle Jog 5k and Kid’s Fun Run.  I signed up for the 5k because I figured Brax would be even more excited for his run if he watched Mommy run first.  ACTUALLY, my plan was to bring him along with me in the single jogger- but alas, Bri and I forget to bring any stroller in general with us.  So there we were carrying around both kids all the way from the zoo down to the race start.  Such planners, we are.  At least we didn’t forget our coffee!

The 5k went great- I pr’d by about 20 seconds, 22:25, which was a nice surprise.  But WAY more importantly was my amazing little Braxton’s run.  A few weeks ago, we bought him some new running shoes and asked him if he wanted to run his very own race.  Of COURSE he did!  I wasn’t sure if he’d clam up when the time came, but I thought he was ready to try it.  After my finish, he got his own little race bib and “warmed up” on his “course” for about a half an hour before they even gathered the kids together. When they lined up, he pushed me (literally) to walk over to the finish to wait for him, saying “I Ok, Mommy, GO! I gon to run!”  Then he practiced one more time:


They counted to three and off the kiddos went.  There are many moments as a parent when you are so overwhelmed with love and pride that it feels like your heart jumps into your throat and you have to hold back the tears.  This was one of them.  It was the shortest little race, but he ran his little heart out the entire way.  I was crazy proud of him for doing it.  He received a medal at the end and he was so happy, talking about it all day!  It was the best. I love when things go smoothly with no tantrums or trials.  Well, besides the no stroller thing.

Running comes so naturally to kids- watching all those little ones coming towards me with such eagerness and pure joy was pretty inspiring!  We finished our morning with a trip to the zoo with good friends and ice cream.  My little boy is a runner:)

racerbrax2 RacerBrax

Now, I certainly would not force my kids to run…and they can play whatever sports they want, or none for that matter.  But right now, the fact that Braxton is so excited about running is awesome.  I’ll tweak my training schedule any day for that.

If you’re ever looking for something fun and free and healthy for your kids, look up a fun run, cheer on your babies, and cry along with me!!


One proud Mommy!

Another highlight of the weekend was for my best friend Ashley, who I’m honored has asked me to be her Matron of Honor.  Ash is probably the most selfless person I know, and I am so happy that she gets to finally do something for herself and her wonderful fiancé, Greg.  She deserves to have the most beautiful everything, especially marriage.  I am going to cry like a baby at this wedding and my speech will probably be a whole bunch of nonsensical sobs.  We were fitted for our bridesmaid dresses- it’s coming so fast- and had such a good time. We drank some fancy Mimosas, shopped, ate some lunch, and laughed a lot.  It’s so refreshing to spend time with friends and let the guard down for a little bit.  Not to mention getting to be on this journey with her to one of the most important days of her life.  Now if only I could get her to run with me…

Oh yeah, she is!!  In Philly!  She’s probably moments away from signing up for her first 8k as we speak…right, Ash?!

The beautiful bride to be, godmother to my son, and the best friend a girl could ask for<3

And of course, thanks to my fantastic sister for taking on two babies for me so I could be there.  My little runner boy and my already SEVEN month old girly!

racerbrax 5

Happy Monday! 🙂


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