For You, Grandma

Why is it already pitch dark outside at 5am?!  It came so fast this year!  I’m back to bringing Macaroni the pup with me on my morning runs just to feel safer and because picking up poop mid-run is basically one of my top ten favorite things to do.

What a terrible sagway to thisI Good thing she has an awesome sense of humor.  I have mentioned her many times, but today I want to write a special post about my Grandma.  She is in surgery this morning having her breast cancer removed, and she’s really top-notch in my thoughts right now.


Well, she actually always is.  I have learned in my wise age that “home” is not only a place.  It’s not always the physical setting of a house.  It is somewhere you feel comfortable, happy, and at peace.  I feel home in the presence of my Grandma no matter where I am.  And literally, my Grandma’s was really the only constant home for me growing up- the only house I ever really grew attached to.  I remember her yelling at me for climbing the tree up to her roof and then running around on top of her house one time.  She could not figure out what was making all that noise!  Oh you know, just your typical young granddaughter on your steep roof.  Poor Grams.


My Grandma has always been there for me.  There were a few times in my life between and after college where family things were kind of crazy.  Grandma always opened her arms for me to come in.  I stayed with her for a few summers between college and then for a while afterwards in her perfect little cottage.  I have had some of the best running experiences at my Grandma’s house- long runs with my sister and the absolutely perfect run from her cottage along Canandaigua Lake.  She also was married to one of the most amazing hard-working men I have ever met and they gave me one of the best examples of true love in my life. I know he’s looking down at us smiling and smacking his teeth, pointing to the imaginary spot on our shirt, then getting our noses.


I have played beer pong with my grandma, talked into the night while playing games with her, and have had every one of my friends over to her house to join us.  She knows as much about me as my best friend (she is a best friend), always is there to offer advice, and loves my babies and my husband as much as I do.  She’s the kind of person that no matter what my dreams are, she supports them.  She just checked off her bucket list and went white water rafting a couple years ago, because she is a badass.  Next up, the hot air balloon, right Grams?!

She’s the kind of person that thinks every race I run is a marathon, and worries about my knees from running so much.  I have a voicemail I will save forever from her the day of the Boston Marathon bombing telling me how much she loves me and how she is so glad I wasn’t there.

All of these things she is for me, she is for everyone’s life she touches.  She may be a little shy, but I honestly don’t think there is anyone she meets who doesn’t like her immediately.  She is such kind-hearted, beautiful person who lives and breathes for the people she loves.  I hope one day I can be half the woman that she is.

For Braxton’s third birthday, she gave him a Superhero book where she recorded herself reading it.  On the last page she says, “Braxton, you are my superhero and I love you very very much.”  He opens to that page 23,456 times a day and smiles.


Our thoughts and love are with you today, Grandma.  I don’t even have to tell you to be strong because you are one of the most toughest women I know.

Grandma, you are our superhero.  We love you.


Walking With Grandma

Most everyone has some sort of connection with cancer in their lives.  We are honoring Grandma- and everyone affected- with a walk for Breast Cancer on October 19th.  Please donate or even join our team, Boobs for Bess, to help make strides towards a cure.  Follow this link to help:


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