14 Friend Filled Miles and a Sick Baby

I think collectively since Saturday night Bri and I have gotten around 7 hours of sleep total.  Our little Lottie has been one sick little girl, but is finally feeling better today.  I feel like a walking zombie, though.

I’m starting to get up there in the weekend mileage, so that means I really need to enlist some help.  Our running group gets together in Mendon on Saturday mornings, and Brian works Saturday mornings.  This has been tricky and I haven’t been out there much at all.  But I need the group to hold me liable to actually run these miles, to motivate me, and they’re just good company.

Mom came to save the day this week so I could run my 14 miler with the group.  I actually ran 13.6 miles, but tomato, tomahto.  It was a cool, rainy morning, and the miles passed fast with the company.  Thanks for the run, as always, Mendonites!  Sunday I had 7 planned and ran 7.5 to make up for Saturday.  It was a cool morning and I finished in under and hour!  Awesome run!  I went out very early and the minute I walked in the door, I had my girl.

But as good as the running went, there was an underlying feeling of guilt that came with all of those miles.  Perhaps that’s why I went so fast Sunday…to get home to her.  Charlotte’s slight fever started on Friday.  Saturday night into Monday morning, her fever rose up and down into the high three digits.  The poor little girl was up all night, and so were we.  It is so heartbreaking to see your sick baby and not be able to do much else but hold her and comfort her.  We spent a lot of time in the bathroom with some steam singing “You are my Sunshine” on repeat.  Poor Braxton took all the attention his sister was getting a little rough.  I reminded him about all the hugs he gets when he is sick, gave him some of his own, and he seemed to understand- as much as a three-year old can.

Monday I stayed home from work with her and we spent some wonderful QT together.  By mid afternoon, she seemed to be feeling better, so we walked downtown.  I even saw a smile out of her!!  There’s the Charlotte I know!!


We picked up Brax from daycare and we all went to the park, where Braxton showed me his severe rock climbing skills:


I am telling you, I could nurse my children until they’re 27 or feed them all the healthy food in the world, but they are no match to the constant illnesses of daycare.  All I can hope is that this will mean far less sickness when they enter school.  Here’s hoping for two kids with perfect attendance their entire lives!  A mom can dream, right?!

It is difficult to balance babies with running as it is, so adding a sick little one into the mix obviously throws a curveball.  I am always first and foremost a Mom, but I also know that running for me is not an indulgence.  It’s a necessity, and thanks to the wonderful people in my life, I can do both.  Once done, my head was clear to be fully there to comfort Char and to make Braxton breakfast and go on with the days smoothly.  I am so glad my peanut is finally feeling better.  Now hopefully we’re done with this for a while!

Here’s to a Fall filled with healthy babies and long runs with friends:)

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