This weekend I was supposed to run!

I was supposed to run 22 miles this weekend.  7 Saturday and 15 Sunday.

Guess how many miles I ran?


This marathon training thing is going GREAT!

I don’t even really have a good excuse.  Bri was in the mountains all weekend, but still- I had offers (my family is awesome) for help with the kids so I could get running.  I just didn’t do it.

Instead, I hung with my babes the entire weekend.  It was exhausting and busy and wonderful.

kids napchar standingShe is pulling herself up on everything.  I am not sure she will wait until she’s one to walk!

Saturday, we woke up to cold and rain.  So the three of us bundled and went to Power’s Farm Market.  I bought myself some mums, Braxton picked out some fruit, and Char was just bald and cute.  Then we went to one of Brax’s girlfriends’ birthday party at Michaels craft store (super cute!).  They made people out of flower pots.  Genius!  Braxton had a tantrum the size of Europe after his nap, and we rounded out the evening with Grandma<3


Sunday, we slept in and again bundled up for a long walk downtown.  I got some graham cracker coffee (that I am now obsessed with), B got a scone, and Charlotte was bald and cute.  We switched things up and walked the wetlands home instead of the canal.  My girl took her nap while Brax and I went on a flower hunt.


Back home, we counted the flowers we’d found (9!), named their colors, didn’t know their names, and together we put together this collage:


And then…BRIAN WAS HOME!!  Man I miss that guy when he’s gone.  Could I have run my 15 then?  Sure, but now everyone was home together.  I think if I analyze myself and need some reason for why I want to always be together as a family every minute we can, it’s because having divorced parents, I never really did family things.  Separately, we did a ton with Mom and Dad, just obviously not the four of us.  So sometimes, I’m pretty nuts about my own family being all together when we actually can.

So anyways, I went out for a fast 4 miles to get the edge off (it was the perfect fall day and it revived me) and spent the evening eating tacos and fixing broken cars.

Long runs are probably the most important part to training for any race, so it really doesn’t help me by missing this weekend.  But I also have to be adaptable because I’m always a Momma first.  It might sound like I’m making excuses for not getting out and running- and maybe I am, plenty of other mother runners would have- but honestly, I had such a good weekend with my munchkins, I didn’t even miss it that much.

How could I leave when things were getting this good, anyways??


There’s always next weekend:)


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