There’s Life After 7pm!

A 5am recovery run on Tuesday didn’t happen.  The 5am run in general is not happening as much anymore.  Sure, I set the alarm.  But for some reason the pitch dark cold morning isn’t as appealing as a nice cool run later in the day.  So I’ve been taking the kids after work with me or waiting until Bri gets home.

Tuesday, though, I did neither. I cooked a long dinner and Bri got home late.  I decided to try my run after we put the kids to bed- I did it in running gear instead of sweatpants- at 7:30.  Why not, I thought.  My own bedtime isn’t too far behind that.  Usually after the kids are in bed, we go downstairs, talk about our day, mindlessly watch something on TV, I go up to read, and then I sleep.  I have never even thought of running after bedtime as an option.  I felt like I had to be there, right downstairs, just in case.  Plus I’m just freaking tired at the end of the day.  But recovery runs are really important to me- they’re 4 wonderful slower miles to help tired muscles.  This kind of run is as relaxing to me as a good book.  So I went.

happy babiesAfter we put these smooshies to bed<3

I expected I’d be going out for a nice quiet run.  Similar to the 5am ones.  After all, it was getting dark out!  That’s everyone’s bedtime, right?  It turns out, there is life after 7pm!  Lots of it!  I was dodging traffic to cross roads, heard “on your left” 43 times on the canal, saluted many fellow runners, and smiled at a ton of peeps walking their pups.  I honestly was surprised.canal

Look how pretty!!

For three years now, I haven’t gone out too much past baby bed time.  I don’t mean that resentfully- I’m pretty sure with or without kids, I was headed for a 9pm bedtime anyways- but for some reason I forgot that I can do things after.  My college self would be rolling her eyes right now- 7:30pm began our nights!  It was nice to feel like part of the world as a woman out running- not a mom in a hurry to get home or one pushing two little ones in front of her.  Babies were clean, teeth brushed, baby nursed, books read, kids peacefully sleeping, chores done, husband happy to have tv control…it was just me and the night (and all the people!).  I really liked that.

I realize this seems like such a weird thing to be excited and surprised about.  But I feel like I have a new option- more time, even.  When I returned home, I stole the remote to watch a riveting Full House episode, much to Brian’s delight!  It was Uncle Jesse’s 26th birthday.  Great one.  Also makes me feel gagfully old.  I went to bed happy and slept great, visions of Michelle Tanner dancing through my head.

Wednesday was an 8 mile tempo, so I’ll be looking forward to a recovery tonight and rest day tomorrow.  I have another high mileage weekend in store for me…

In kiddo news, Braxton started soccer on Tuesday! It is a program called Soccer Shots and they come right to his daycare every week!  Kids ages 3-5 learn the fundamentals of sports, teamwork, and basic skills.  There are no games or anything like that, just fun.  My little boy is getting so big it’s crazy.  He told me they “kicked the ball and quacked like ducks.”  I guess all that running tuckered him right out…which is good for a Mommy who needs to get her own run in<3
tired boy
While Mommy runs…


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