17 Miles- Making Progress!

Weekends are so freakin’ busy now.  Long runs consume the early mornings.  Kids, housework, outings, and family consume the rest.  This weekend’s running began with a marathon pace 8 miles on Saturday and ended with 17 miles Sunday morning in Mendon.  I’m at the stage where I have to decline any late invitation because I have a long run in the morning.  Not that I have many of those, but still, in theory, I’m declining mad parties.  It’s also hard to get up in the morning.  To be in Mendon by 7am, I am up at 5am to pump, eat, and select the perfect running gear to make me neither too hot nor too cold but just right.  Like Goldilocks.

thegrommom.com  training for the New York Marathon in less than six weeks!

Typically the kids hear me and wake up before I leave- which drives Brian nuts, but I secretly love being able to kiss them goodbye while simultaneously not wanting to leave them for so long.

Once I get there, I’m always so happy I did it.  Remarkably, the kids do fine without me for a few hours.  Braxton runs up to me all excited screaming, “MOMMY MOMMY I MISSED YOU!” when I get home.  Charlotte lights up and says, “MA DA BA NA GA!!” Roughly translated to, “Mom, you are so cool and I love you more than bananas.” There is nothing better than that.  But donuts are a close second.

Cup of coffee riding a bike cartoon quote via www.Facebook.com/WildWickedWomen

I really think whether you’re a mom of one or seven, making time for something you love to do is so important. It certainly may not be running, but find something to recharge yourself.  Definitely include your kids wherever you can, but make sure you get your time.

So how are things going?  Really good, actually!

The marathon is just under two months away now and I’m in the midst of high mileage/taper weeks.  As time goes on, I’m feeling better about my chances of being able to qualify for Boston.  I’m definitely not a shoe in, but it’s not off the table right now.

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I met the Mendonites Sunday, but took my own 17 mile route.  My pace stayed right around 8:30.  I felt pretty good almost the entire run.  By mile 16 I was ready for it to be over- I really had nothing left in me.  Or at least, my mind told me that because I knew I could stop at 17.  Running is alllll a mind game.  To qualify for Boston, my pace has to be 8:12 or less.  I felt good this run, sure, but I don’t feel like I could have quickened my pace plus added 9 miles to it.  I realize I have time, but I also think I’ll have to hope for amazing weather and some crazy endorphins to get me under that 3:35 qualifying time.

Beautiful Mendon!

We go to church every other Sunday right now which usually leaves me driving to Mom’s after my run.  But this Sunday Bri took the kids to his parent’s cabin for the morning. I actually went home to a quiet house!  Braxton didn’t have every single toy scattered about to make my eyes twitch a little bit!  I took advantage of it and laid down until the crew got home! Look at me, all napping.

When they arrived, I was back into Mom mode- no lounging allowed!  I was ready for ’em- even the toys.

Another day in the life of a mother runner.  A mother who kinda sorta is back to setting Boston in her sights!  Happy Monday!

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