Fartleks and Little Man Trail Dates

Yesterday’s training was my mid-week longer distance run which has also become my speed work day.  An 8 mile tempo run was planned, but I ended up doing 8 miles of a sort of sprint run instead- or as the technical term may be- a Fartlek workout.  This weird Swedish word for “speed play” is great to do on the canal because I can easily just say…”Ok, I will sprint to that pole.  Now I will sprint to that bridge.  I will sprint along with the row team- wait, no, they’re faster than me.  Now I will sprint until I hear a biker bell and ‘on your left!‘”

I like doing my speed work this way sometimes because it takes the pressure off of running fast for a calculated amount of time (there are structured Fartleks, but I feel like that just makes it sprints).  It gives me flexibility and I have fun with it while still getting a good workout in.

RUNNING WITH OLLIE: According to Ollie: Running Lessons From My Dog - fartleks - I run faster when I see a squirrel and slow down when I need to sniff a tree. I think you running humans call that FARTLEKS.  I call it life

Of course, this is how children and animals run every day.  They just run to however they feel.  I want to run really fast now.  Ok, I will.  I want to run slowly now.  Ok, I will.  Try running this way sometime- however the hell you feel like at that moment.  How lucky to be able to do that again as adults and call it speed work?!

Phoebe-this is what we call my youngest when she runs!!!! She has blonde hair and is a goof ball too! :)

Today’s recovery run was a run date with my little man.  Bri came home early, so Brax and I headed out for a run while Char had some Daddy time.  We took it off-road onto the beautifully leaf-decorated Trolley Trail, where Braxton’s self-proclaimed goal was to find animals.  I asked him what he was looking for.  “Elephants and zebras, Mommy.  We won’t stop until we find them!”  Good thing I convinced him that the squirrel we saw had once seen a zebra and he counted it.  He hopped out and ran the last bit with me, kicking up the crispy leaves as he went.  Sprinting some, slowing some, stopping some.  It was pretty much a natural Fartlek workout in action and I loved every second.  I don’t know how I could train for a marathon without this munchkin.


Another thing I love to share with my kids is reading.  I’m always on a quest for special books for them- fishing ones for Bri to read them, books with their names, ones we loved as children, and classics.  There are a TON of books out there about running (Born To Run is the BEST), but I have come across and bought three children’s books about running that are adorable.  If you’re ever looking for a cute way to share running with your kiddos- even if you’re not a runner- check these out!  And if you know of any more, let me know!!

My Favorite Run by Katherine Karagiannis Richards

See Mom Run by Kara Douglass Thom

Pellie Runs a Marathon by Michele Bredice Craemer

Happy October!  Happy (Fartlek) Running!  And Happy Reading!! :):)


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