The Husband Who Couldn’t Read and Passion Fruit!

Every night we read two books to the kids.  I read one and Bri reads one (when we finally- after 234 hours- get Braxton settled.). Now let me first say, Brian is an amazing father and is so adorable when he reads to them.  However.  He can’t read.  Or rather, he has major issues with words he does not know.  When Braxton brings in a brand new book for Daddy to read, Bri’s eyes get wide like a deer in headlights.  What word won’t I know this time, he thinks He gets especially jittery when it is a book of many words, trying to convince Brax to select a picture book shorter one.  I giggle listening when he stumbles on the words, and then we laugh uncontrollably the rest of the evening.  Here are some examples:

1. Snow White: Her hair was as black as ebony.
Brian’s version: “Her hair was as black as ebion.”

2. Monster Trucks: I am gargantuan and graceful.
Brian’s version: “I am Guatemalan and graceful.”

3. Where the Wild Things Are: Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!
Brian’s version: “Let the While Rumple Begin!”

This is only the tip of the iceberg on Brian-isms.  At least he tries.  Brax is learning to give Mommy the long books, but I think Bri is doing great.  That laugh is always much-needed anyways.  Love you babe!

Family Circus Cartoon for Sep/20/2013 How would you like to be the lucky person who gets to read to me?

In honor of Brian’s intense passion for reading to his children, today I will speak of the Passion Fruit!!  When I go shopping I like to find new fruits to try, or more importantly, for Braxton to try.  He’s absolutely a fruit guy. He never met a fruit he didn’t like.  Besides cantaloupe.  Weirdly not his thing.

I picked up some passion fruit a while back and it is the coolest little fruit!  It makes the perfect snack for kids, too.  You can literally wash it off, cut it in half, and they can scoop out the little seeds from the shell.  I’ll warn you, it is super weird-looking and the fruit is slightly tangy/sweet.  Like you may wonder, can I eat this?!  But I assure you, it’s really good.

And really good for you.  Passion fruit has lots of antioxidants, potassium, vitamins and minerals, and dietary fiber.  Specifically Vitamin C (for cold-resistance) and Vitamin A (for eye-sight).  Some say it may even relieve asthma symptoms.  It comes in at only around 97 calories.

10 Health Benefits of Passion Fruit | Eating Healthy & Living Fit -

When choosing your passion fruit, buy it ripe and heavy for its size.  It stays well in your fruit basket for a couple of days or the pulp freezes well.  I’ve heard it can be used in jellies, jams, and margaritas!  I may just have to steal some of Braxton’s to try to latter someday soon.

Get out to your store today and try some passion fruit for an easy healthy snack!!  Because really, why not?

Annoying Orange | Characters | Cartoon Network



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