20 Soaking Wet Miles

All I can picture right now is the Old Wives of yesteryear, rocking away in their circle knitting scarves- buns on their heads, spectacles on their eyes- telling their tales:

Old Wife 1: What say you is the best cure for a head and chest cold??

Old Wife 2: I do say the cure is to go run a very long distance! Oh. And be sure it is pouring and chilly outside to boot!

*cackles all around*

Old Wife 3: Only a ninny would do such a thing! The true cure is rest, soup, and a necklace of garlic.

The good news is I ran my first 20 miler yesterday! I left from home for two 10 mile loops.  It poured the.entire.time.  I think there is something very peaceful in running in the rain.  Mile ten was at my house, where I had my Gatorade and Gu waiting for me.  I don’t know how, but I felt pretty great.  Around mile 18 I started to break down a little, but I finished in 2 hours 50 minutes- soaked to the bone!  I hope marathon day brings weather just like this- wellll, perhaps a little dryer.

The bad news is I guess wasn’t done being sick. I felt good during the run- save for a tiny leg cramp here and there. But afterwards, things slowly started to hurt way more than usual.  I was walking like I rode a horse for 4 days straight.  By the time we put the kids to bed, Brian told me I look like a zombie and wouldn’t come near me.  Even a tooth hurt!  A tooth! I don’t like my damn teeth anyways and here they are giving me more trouble!  Anyways, after going to bed mega early, I feel a little better today. I probably will take a rest day today to recover.  Ok ok, I WILL take one.  In my defense, I thought I was better. At least I did it, right?!  Listen to the wives- don’t run 20 miles when you’re sick.  It’s so easy to give advice- and then never follow it myself.

BUT for a recovery treat (before I felt really bad), b and I went for a Mommy-Braxton date at Yummies, where we piled up on the frozen yogurt and a billion toppings and talked to the sweetest little lady in creation.  She reminded me of one of those old wives:)  She told us about how she used to buy ice cream for 5 cents with free sprinkles!  She is my new best friend.

The best news though is that my Grandma did great through her first round of Chemo.  I thought of her literally my entire run- I think she is why I did so well.  When my legs cramped, I thought of how she and anyone fighting cancer has much more to push through than a few hours and a few leg cramps.  I love you Gram, thanks for the run<3

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