The Weekend Training That Shouldn’t Have Been- and Making Strides!

This weekend’s training went fine, but I am definitely fighting the sinus infection that never ends.  I probably made it worse because I’m an idiot.  I took Thursday and Friday as rest days, eased into a 5 mile run Saturday afternoon, and fit in a quick 8 mile pace run yesterday after we got home from Frontier Field.  I thought I was fine, but my mouth and entire head again were throbbing with pressure by last night.  I bit the bullet and went to the doc today- I came out with antibiotics and an order to rest.  I slept hard until it was time to pick up the kids.  I need to kick this thing- I have a 20+ weekend planned!  Damn speed bumps always getting in the way!

I wanted to cry on the last few hills. But my clock was ticking away, so I had to pound it! And I got my PR♥

I think runners are some of the most stubborn people (well, I am), but here is a little chart to help you along if you’re ever wondering whether to run through a sickness or not.  Unless I’m the only idiot.  Which is quite possible. Sometimes I get so caught up in everything I’m “supposed” to be doing that I forget how important rest is to my body. A few days off is better than weeks because I pushed it too hard and didn’t listen .

Are you too sick to run? Check out this handy flow chart before you make a decision to stay in bed or hit the roads.

The highlight of this weekend was the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk.  It seems like yesterday I put this walk bug into my family’s ear after Grandma’s diagnosis.  Fast forward to yesterday, and almost every single member was there who could be- including Grandma (although extremely tired).  It was FREEZING out- there was actually snow in the morning for a minute!  But the 2.5 mile walk was worth it, and it connected our family after a long time.  Differences aside, we were there for the one person who means so much to all of us.  It was a wonderful day- such a great event they put on.  I hope that our efforts will help bring awareness and funds to those fighting cancer- and that it showed Grandma just how important she is in our lives.  We love you Grandma<3

It’s crazy how one song can put you back into a certain time in your life.  The other night I heard the song “Baby Girl” by Sugarland while dancing with the kids in the kitchen (obviously).  Immediately I teared up.  That song is my Grandma’s house.  When I was on summer break from college, I worked at a spa in Clifton.  I still wasn’t running alone outside, so I used to rush to Grandma’s house afterward every night.  I’d put on my running gear, go down to her eery basement where she kept her treadmill, and I’d run.  The radio would ALWAYS play that song and I’d always cry because I do that when I run with music.  Her treadmill was one step up from manual- it was so old, stuck on an incline, and the monitors didn’t work.  I’d grab some dinner she’d made when I finished, give her a giant hug, and run out the door to meet my friends for the evening.  So much has happened in life since, but that really sticks out in my memories.  That crazy treadmill, just like my Grams, was always there for me.  She’s always there for all of us.

I don’t know why that came to my mind, but anyways.  Time to get some sleep.

Family pictures of an awesome weekend- thank you all<3

breast cancer7

braest cancer12

    breast Cancer2braest cancer14 braest cancer13 breast cancer3breast cancer4  breast cancer6  breast cancer9 breast cancer1breast cancer10 breast cancer11breast cancer5
Our Reason<3

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