One Month Until Philly!

Yesterday marked ONE MONTH until marathon day.  How did it get here so fast?!  It will be here before my little eyes know it, I can’t run away!

Preserving PollyAnna: Embrace the Taper, Battle the Nerves, Calm the Crazy

I took my recommended three days of rest Monday-Wednesday then ran 4 miles last night after work.  I am definitely feeling better, but I still want to finish this week easy.  I plan on 20 miles Sunday and my half marathon race in Corning next weekend!  Hopefully both of these things come together without a hitch.

If I were to sum up training so far in a word, I’d say it’s going alright.  My running is kind of all over the place and then this sick nonsense threw me for a loop, but I’ve been as consistent as I can.  My goal of Boston isn’t off the table, but if I stop putting so much focus on times, I feel better about the whole thing.  Having a goal is both awesome and incredibly stressful.  As always, I just want to be able to finish this race feeling good. So if that means 8:12 pace isn’t happening, I am ok with it.  But still, Boston in 2015 sounds so great I refuse to let it go. I think Sunday will give me better insight on it.

Also, I finally found the perfect shoe and we are really best friends.  The Brooks Pure Flow 3 has my heart and my legs and my marathon!  But will they take me to Boston?

Well, guys?!

We will see.  At this point, it all comes down to this last month of training and race day- how I feel, the weather, the course, and everything in between.

Yoga, Running, Pilates, Zumba... What about a walk? Just be active in whatever way you can :)

I swear I could run 20 marathons and still get so nervous about each and every one.  It’s such a mind game- and I need to get my mind in this game now.  Because ready or not…it’s coming.

Cue dramatic music….

Photo: Soooo True



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