I realize that I will never sleep again like I did before I had children, but still, once the babes start sleeping through the night I’m one delighted Mommy. I fill as many things as I can into every hour of every day and I couldn’t do that without getting some precious zzz’s at night. It’s definitely one of the most important parts of the wellness equation.


But there are of course many times this doesn’t go as expected. For example, this past week. Three mornings in a row, Charlotte decided 4am was the ideal time to wake up. Then she wanted to sleep, so she talked Brax into doing the next shift. The following few nights, Braxton woke up around 1am wanting to go potty (yes yes, that’s a good thing, I get it).

So imagine my delight last night when both children decided to sleep “in.” By in, I mean 6am.  But as Bri and I snuggled into our pillows, dreaming of candy corn and unicorns, we were abruptly awoken by the sound of….a FREAKING BATH TOY GONE CRAZY! “I’m a little green frog, who likes to play….” moaned on repeat until one of us, angry and groggy, woke up to throw it down the stairs do whatever the hell would stop it.

tired parents
“You won’t be a little green frog for long…”

Clearly the kids are out to get us.

Oh sleep, how I miss your full bounty.

ONWARD! To training! We’re in the home stretch, so nothing remarkable happens during the week (or ever, really, but humor me). Here’s what we’ve been up to in marathon land:

Monday– Kickboxing video FUN. Brax joined in for his ten minutes and then decided to scatter his toys all around me. Lottie followed me around the living room as I abided to Jillian’s screaming the best I could without kicking a child. The dog chased the kids. If only I recorded nights like this- me dodging toys and kids and dogs for twenty minutes of workout while they giggle and think it’s a fun game.


Tuesday– It was a beautiful day. I got home from work and just had to take the babies running with me! It might be one of our last times for a while. Braxton would NOT let me take a walk break, but hey, it makes me stronger, right? The only thing about it being a beautiful day is that everyone is also out walking- and that means more comments saying “Boy do you have your hands full!” than I’d like to count.  I realize this. Four miles later, we climbed the giant hill to home (totally walked). The kids were visibly unimpressed.

impressedQuick guys, show me how you feel about me embarking on this giant climb ahead…

Wednesday– 5 tempo miles around town before visiting Grandma to decorate Halloween cookies! Braxton was good for a while and then turned into monster child, which made the remainder of the morning a blast. Anytime spent with Gram is worth it, though.

cookies with Grandma

Today– I’ll run 4 miles when Bri gets home. In the dark with the Macaroni dog because I love being pulled to my death when he sees a squirrel. It’ll be my last run before the big half marathon on Sunday! Ohhh man.

Hopefully I’ll get some sleep before then! 🙂

Also, a special day today for my sister:

Niki Birthday!
I literally look up to you, because you are tall and I am short- but I look up to you in so many other ways. Niki, the things that you have conquered and accomplished in your life already are beyond words and I am so so so proud of you.

As your gift, I will serenade you with my clarinet and have beckoned for the blue fairy to visit you in your sleep. I also put together some unsweetened chocolate for your birthday cake! You’re welcome.

Happy 27th Birthday to my beautiful baby sister– nurse, yoga pro, artist, aunt, and godmother. You literally can do anything. I hope everything about today is as remarkable as you are♥


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